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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Products I'm loving... my purple GHD

Hey Everyone :)

I LOVE my purple GHD. I got it as a present for my 3 year anniversary from my boyfriend Fearghal. I cannot live without a GHD. This is my third one. The 1st one I had was black and had it for about 3 years and the ceramic plate came loose. So then my next one was a black one aswell, I have now passed it onto my mom (she loves her hair long and loves using my GHD to straighten her hair for nights out).

With my purple GHD, I curl and straighten my hair. I seriously couldn't live without it. I love how it glides through my hair and doesn't catch my hair. Also it heats up in no time at all... it takes about 60-90 seconds to heat up. A beep sounds when you turn it on, and also a beep sounds when it is ready to be used. It has a swivel chord which makes it easier to use. Its ceramic plates are the best because they help protect hair. It cost €200 from Jeff Divines hair salon in cork. But is widely available from all Peter Marks salons. GHD's are available worldwide. There are white (pure), black (dark), purple, hot pink, light pink, and black with gold plates.

There are three different sizes. A medium size (picture above), this one is the most common. Then there is the thin styling ghd, used for shorter hair or styling and then there is the biggest barrel ghd, which is a salon styler, used by those with afro hair, thick hair or longer hair.

Lots of Love xoxo

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  1. I think the purple set looks gorgeous you are very lucky. I got my first ever pair of GHD straighteners a month or so ago and it was just the plain black one because I couldn't afford the other designs. Still, I am very happy with it and I can finally tame my unruly curls.

  2. All GHD's work the same anyway :) I just noticed recently the silver type detail has started to come off :( So I'd say my next GHD will be back to black! They are reliable and work for ages and the detail isn't scratched off! I had 2black ones before I got the purple! The sets lovely and expensive but the hair dryer cut out in my first use of it! Crazy!


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