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Saturday, October 31, 2009


Hey everyone :)

Quick update on the Leona Lewis scandal of her being punched in the face at her book signing. Leona has come out and said Fame's taking it's toll on the X Factor winner and also the man who punched her was an X factor reject. Jealousy taking it's toll maybe?

1. X Factor's Stacey Soloman

Stacey Soloman is Dagenham's X Factor Star this year. She has caused quite a stir in the media, with being a single mom, her relationship with her 18 month old son Zac's father and also her AMAZING voice. Well and her ditziness. I think she is a funny bubbly nice young girl who deserves to win. I think it'll be down to herself and Lucie Jones in the end. Stacey has been turning heads in shopping centres, other shoppers and stopped in there tracks, star struck! She doesn't realise the effects she has on followers of the show. She's a star in the making.

2. X Factor Drama

Simon Cowell has a £20,000 dressing room (what a woman), Cheryl and Simon feuding on the show is escalating, Cheryl and Danni's fashion was is escalating in the gossip mags also.

I know the feuding gets the ratings and the fashion wore gets mags sold but it's getting a bit old now!

3. Colin Farrel's New addition to the Farrell Clan
Colin Farrel is a father of two now. Colin and girlfriend Alicja Bachleda have just welcomed a baby boy in there lives. They names the baby Henry. He was born October 7th.

He has a son James with Kim Bordenave, they share joint custody of the child who has Angelman Syndrome.

4. Britney Spears promo for new video "3"
Basically Britney has decided to sing about threesomes. If "If U Seek Amy" didn't cause enough controversy I can't wait to see what this song will conjure up from the tabloids. In the promo it's Britney dancing in a skimpy outfit with 2 guys, then she;s in a steam room in a torn leotard and then again on a pole wriggling about while flexy girls dance about. I love the song and the track but many parents won't want it on the radio.
Let's hope people won't cop onto the fact that she's saying 3's better than 2! And that it's just a good track.

5. Holly Willoughby quits the X Factor!

Holly Willoughby has quit the Xtra Factor to focus on This Morning. She will be leaving in December once this season is over. Who will take her place? She became a first time mom in May to son Harry, is presenting the Xtra factor, presents This Morning with Phil and will be starting Dancing on Ice with Phil in January. Too much pressure with all these dream jobs.

6. Nicola McClean Pregnant!
Nicole McClean serial WAG is pregnant with her 2nd child. She married recently on the celeb version of Four Weddings. She is four months pregnant. She has a son Rocky (2) with her footballer husband Tom Williams.

7. Taylor Swift branded Racist! 
(because of this picture ---->)
Taylor Swift attended Katy Perry's 25th Birthday party themed Willy Wonka with all guests wearing white and she was branded racist after a picture came out of her and model AJ English, because his shirt had a painted on swastika symbol on it. And also she had "JH" initialed on her dress which was taken as "Jew Hater" when in fact her friend Julianne Hough had initialed Taylor's dress with paint. All the guests were covered in vibrant coloured paint before they left the party. Taylor Swift is such a sweet girl and the bad press isn't fair because she did nothing wrong!

There were so much X Factor news I decided to do a news special as well!

Lots of Love


  1. omgosh, i personally am VERY hesitant to believe Taylor is a racist. come on people! lol i LOVE her


  2. @ Chelsea: I know, I love taylor 2! She's too much a good girl to have herself branded racist! It's all just for gossip!


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