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Thursday, October 15, 2009


Hey Everyone :)

1. Vogue Racist?

Ok, so Vogue is being accused of racism because they used a white girl painted in dark brown paint as a black model, instead of getting a black model. I for one think it is really tacky and the model looks awful! Black women are so gorgeous why not just use one of them for the shoot? The model is Lara Stone and in the article it mentioned the images show her 'sense of humour'!

2. Leona Lewis Punched!

Leona Lewis was punched in the face at her book signing in Waterstones on 15th October by 29 year old Peter Kopwalczyk, who was arrested at Waterstones after the incident. He was charged with assaulting the former X Factor star. Leona cancelled her trip to Germany to recover from the assault. She was left shaken and in terrible shock.

Her autobiography Dreams hit the shops and appears to be a hit!

3. Ralph Lauren Model Fired For Being 'Too Fat'

Airbrushing gone too far? I think yes! Filippa Hamilton was fired by Ralph Lauren for being too fat. They told her she doesn't fit into there clothes anymore. She is a size 8. Thats madness. In the airbrushed picture her head is bigger than her hips... its discusting. She is gorgeous and has a lovely figure.

No airbrushing needed.

4. Sugababes have found a new member!!

The last original Sugababe, Keisha Buchanan, has left the band. It was originally ment to be Amelle Berrabah, the last to join the band, to leave. She returned and Keisha left for good. And now there is a newby, Jade Ewen. I am a bit biased against Jade because I love Keisha, she has an amazing voice and she is really pretty. And she was the last original Sugababe left. She left the band on bad terms.

I think with the new album on the launch with there new single Get Sexy its a bit daft that they have changed up the band again and I don't think the band should be called Sugababes anymore but air ah I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and wait until there new single comes out and see if shes any good.

Sugababes (2009-2011) - Jade, Amelle and Heidi
Sugababes (2005 - 2009) - Amelle, Heidi and Keisha
Sugababes (2001 - 2005) - Keisha, Mutya and Heidi
Original Sugababes (1998 - 2001) - Keisha, Siobhan and Mutya.
The Original Sugababes - Keisha, Siobhan and Mutya

5. Cheryl Cole to perform on X Factor "live"

Cheryl Cole will be singing "live" on the X Factor Results show this week, Sunday 18th October, along with Whitney Houston. But Cheryl will have her single Fight For This Love pre-recorded for the show due to the off pitch performance that Girls Aloud did last year.

I think its not fai for her to be miming on the show because it doesn't give her a chance to prove she can be a solo artist and sing to the best of her ability live.

And miming defeats the purpose of a live performance!!

Lots of Love

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