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Saturday, October 31, 2009

NEWS!! (X Factor special)

Hey Everyone :)

1. Halloween
The X Factor house has gone spooky this year for halloween... ooooh! As all the housemates dress up for Halloween this year the air in the house has become alot softer. As they relax and have a halloween bash the nervousness for tonights show has calmed down.
Stacey as a devil.
John and Edward as vampires.
Jamie as Edward Scissor hands.
Lucie and Rachel as witchs.
Joe as a white haired old thing? (I don't know :( )
Olly as a pumpkin.
Lloyd as a cat.
And Danyl didn't dress up or didn't want a picture taken! Stubborn!

2. Jedward upset Chinese Embassador?!

John and Edward Grimes caused such a stir last week when young teens await by the contestants pad and chant there names. The noise got so loud and the fans outside gets annoying so neighbor Chinese Embassador made a formal official diplomatic complaint! Looks like the house will be moved next year. Also, theres not enough security to hold off the crowd.

3. JLS

JLS performed in Manchester for the official turning on of Christmas lights. Thousands of fan's showed to watch the X Factor finalists perform. The crowd was crazy! Check out the pic's of the boys and the crowd!!

4. JLS's Aston Merrygold's X Factor crush!
Oooohh... Aston loves Stacey! He has written on his facebook that she will be his new girlfriend, she's his type of girl and even contacted her sister to set them up to meet! New X Factor couple? Hmmm... YAY!

Lots of Love xoxo

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