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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Movie Review: Sorority Row

Hey Everyone :)

I know the movie was in the cinema 9/9/2009 but I still want to write a review because I LOVE it. This is my ideal movie. It is a mix between a chick flick and a horror.

This movie is a jumpy kind of movie. I went to see it with my girlfriends. It is a great movie to see with a boyfriend or for a girly night out with your friends. I think the pick of main actresses for this movie was a good pick. I like to see movies with a lot of actors or actresses in it that I'd know or recognise.

The main actresses:

Briana Evigan as Cassidy (aka Andie from Step Up 2)

Margo Harshman as Chugs (aka Tawny from Even Stevens)

Rumer Willis as Ellie (aka Joanne from The House Bunny)

Jamie Chung as Claire (aka Chelsea from Princess Protection Programme)

Leah Pipes as Jessica (aka Katie from Life is Wild)

Audrina Patridge as Megan (aka herself in The Hills)

Caroline D'Amore as Maggie (aka bikini designer)

I think all of these girls are stunning and really great actresses. They played there roles very well.

I really recommend this to EVERYONE!! :) Its definatley one to see. And also great actresses for make-up inspiration.

Lots of Love xoxo
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  1. ohh you know, i knew i recognized Caroline D'Amore! she's friends with the Kardashians and I saw her on an episode of Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami! i KIND OF wanted to see this, but i'm too scared! lol seriously not into to jumpy suspenseful movies!

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  3. @Chelseafbaby: ya i saw her on the kardashians in miami 2 n knew I recognised her but couldn't place it!!

    @Eternaly fixated: Aww thanks :) follow if you want! :P


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