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Monday, October 26, 2009

Movie Review: Saw VI

Hey Everyone :)

This is a movie review based on the movie Saw VI I just saw this movie last night and wanted to tell you about it.

It starts off with a Jigsaw trap, a gorey one! I was blocking my eyes hehe. The one thing I like about all the saw movies is they compare them all and do flashback scenes to join the movies and scenes together.

I'm a very big fan of the saw movies. The creativity and actors put these movies together very well. I was disappointed by the ending of Saw VI, I won't spoil it for anyone but be prepared. Don't get your hopes up. Its good but I don't want you to be disappointed if you go to see it.

I like the way they connect the people. It is very well done. Its a bit jumpy, maye one r two parts, but not much, heres a lot of blood and gore but its very good for horror lovers like me.

If you have seen the Saw movies then you may be surprised by this last movie. It pieces the other movies together. E.g. why Jigsaw turned against his own helpers and gave them tasks. And whats in the box that his wife was given as part of his will.

I liked it! If you saw the movie or are going to go see it, let me know what you thought of it?

Lots of Love xoxo

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  1. you're always going to see scary movies! LOL
    i like saw ONLY BECAUSE the movies inter-twine.
    other than that, bleh. i'm probably NOT going to see this one lol. its sooo gory! you're so brave haha


  2. OMG Kathy I just read all your wonderful comments on my blog. You made my day <3 Big love


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