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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

MAC products

Hey Everyone :)

Well, I know its shameful to say this but I don't own any Mac products and wanted to know from all of you if there was one Mac product i should get what would it be, why and how much does it cost?

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Lots of Love xoxo

NEW UPDATE - unfortunately I can't go shopping this weekend :( I'm broke, and also waiting on more ideas on what i should maybe get even though I kind of have an idea! As soon as I get home I'll post and let you know what I got :D

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  1. I would recommend Mineral Skin Finish in Natural as it's my daily powder I use to set my makeup...it mattifies the skin but gives the skin a slight natural glow...gorgeous!It's £17.50 and worth every penny. I also love their lipsticks like Hue and Creme De Nude, they are £11.26.

  2. Cool, I'll look into them and have a shopping spree for myself at the weekend :) Thanks :)

  3. i really love the mineralize skin finish! i'm not sure of its exact cost, but i believe it's less than $30.00. it makes your skin flawless when used alone, and when used in conjunction with foundation, it really sets your makeup. oh, and i also really like angel lipstick .. it's a pretty pink shade .. hope this helps a little bit. i love your blog! hope to see what you buy! =)

  4. Yay comments :) I can't wait to see what I buy either! :P hehe. I'll check out MAC on saturday and I'll post what I buy :) Thanks for the comments! x


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