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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Celeb Make-up Look - Kim Kardashian

Hey Everyone :)

I have finally done a make-up look for my blog. I saw this picture of kim kardashian and thought " I have the tools, I have the picture, why not go for it"

Well, I don't have the same shape eyebrows and can't even fix my eyebrows to look perfect and nice so I hardly think I could do my eyebrows like her.

I did a joke shot (below), with the same nail varnish, a big ring and hoopy earring.

I really enjoyed recreating this look. Its very glam and gorgeous. My mom just walked in and said "WOW, very glam,where are you going?" I just said cinema haha. Well I am going to the cinema with my girlfriends but I don't think I'll go out like this! It is a bit much. Well hope you like my recreation and have fun trying it out for yourself!

Trying to pose like Kim K here ;)
This is my recreated shot of Kim Kardashians Glam eye.
Close up!

Products I used are:
*Coastal Scents palette - the lightest and darkest grey
*Urban decay palette - scratch (light pink)
*Eyelure Girls Aloud Kimberly fake lashes
*GOSH lipgloss in 0068
*Rimmel foundation
*Bourjois liquid liner
*Maybelline Colossel mascara
*Benefits Dandelion and 10 blush

*Large ring
*Natural Collections french manicure white

Me and mom - she was loving the false lashes
Hope you enjoyed it :)

Lots of Love 

Disclaimer - I do not own the Kim Kardashian picture and do not claim to own this picture. I reserve the right to remove any comments I deem unnecessary or mean.

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