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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Celeb of the week: Britney Spears (21/10/09-28/10/09)

Hey Everyone :)

Well, I was updating my iPod yesterday and was looking up new and chart topping songs. I came across Britney Spears new song '3'. It is REALLY good. I liked the songs on her Circus album. All the drama that came with her 'If You Seek Amy' song and it was her comeback album after her head-shaving, freak-out breakdown.

Her album is good and some songs were catchy. She is now bringing out another album called 3. I really like the song, its very catchy. I think she is a very talented singer and I think now that she has come back to normal the paps and gossip mags should leave her alone and let her get back to some bit of normality. I know with her job it comes with the territory.

She is looking more beautiful than ever. Her hair has grown to a nice length, her hair extentions look real and her body is unreal. She has got her fit and toned body back. I think she has made an amazing proper (second) comeback. The reason I say second is because she had tried to have her comeback with 'Gimme More', but the video and live performance were tacky, stiff and people didn't like it. But I think she really stepped it up with her Circus album. And now moving onto album 3 since her comeback it really shows she's determined and a strong, loved performer.

What do you think? Celeb of the week?

Lots of Love xoxo

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