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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

6 fave items TAG, colour is PINK! :)

Hey Everyone :)

So i was reading a blog post by Chelseafbaby and it said anyone reading this is tagged, so I decided to do it. This tag is my 6 fave items tag and the color she picked was........PINK!

Neutrogena Wave -
I love this. It is small, compact, cute, PINK, and works! Every time I use this my skin feels so smooth and clean. The vibration helps cleanse my skin. It's not expensive and there are refills easily available.

Benefit High Beam -

This is an essential for me on a night out. It adds shine and a healthy glow to my cheek bones. I use 3 dots along my cheekbones and blend it towards the top of my ear. I think this product is definitely worth the money. I got it almost a year ago and there is still 3/4 of product left. This comes out very sheer and its light on the skin. It doesn't feel heavy on my skin and doesn't feel like there's product build up on my face.

Cutex Strengthening Nail Varnish Remover -

I got this is Heaton's as a 2 for 1 offer in small bottles. I prefer nail varnish remover in smaller bottles because its easier to travel with and easier to store away in my room. (I have A LOT of junk, I'm a hoarder)
I find that my natural nail colour becomes a lot healthier looking with Cutex and also one wipe and the nail varnish comes off. And my nails really are stronger.
Intimately Beckham -
I got this perfume last Christmas and was very skeptical as to how it would smell because it was in a gift set and didn't know how it smelt. So during the summer I finished my main perfume and decided to open it and use it. It smells LOVELY. There.s such a nice fresh smell, its very fruity and girly. I think it is one of my favourites. Along with Christina Aguilera's inspire.

Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush -

I love the smell of this. It really works. I was kind of thinking 'oh this is just another gimmick for girls to fall for'. It works, I used it at Oxegen Music Festival this year, and during the summer to refresh my hair between washes. It gives my hair volume, makes it look fresh, is quick and easy to use, and also makes my hair smell fresh like flowers.

NYC New York Colour Minute Nail Varnish in Soho -

This colour is gorgeous for people who prefer natural looking nails rather than extravagant colours. It lasts and goes on quite easily without drying out. It does need two coats though. But it is a really good nail varnish, natural with a great shine. It is the nicest pink colour of the range. And it is cheap, which I know many if not all girls like to hear, especially coming up to Christmas and you need to be saving money. I really like this varnish.

This was a tag for 7 items but I couldn't think of a 7th pink thing atm!!

Lots of Love xoxo

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  1. ohh i'm dying to try that perfume! and that NYC nail color is so nice! i love it!


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