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Saturday, October 31, 2009

NEWS!! (X Factor special)

Hey Everyone :)

1. Halloween
The X Factor house has gone spooky this year for halloween... ooooh! As all the housemates dress up for Halloween this year the air in the house has become alot softer. As they relax and have a halloween bash the nervousness for tonights show has calmed down.
Stacey as a devil.
John and Edward as vampires.
Jamie as Edward Scissor hands.
Lucie and Rachel as witchs.
Joe as a white haired old thing? (I don't know :( )
Olly as a pumpkin.
Lloyd as a cat.
And Danyl didn't dress up or didn't want a picture taken! Stubborn!

2. Jedward upset Chinese Embassador?!

John and Edward Grimes caused such a stir last week when young teens await by the contestants pad and chant there names. The noise got so loud and the fans outside gets annoying so neighbor Chinese Embassador made a formal official diplomatic complaint! Looks like the house will be moved next year. Also, theres not enough security to hold off the crowd.

3. JLS

JLS performed in Manchester for the official turning on of Christmas lights. Thousands of fan's showed to watch the X Factor finalists perform. The crowd was crazy! Check out the pic's of the boys and the crowd!!

4. JLS's Aston Merrygold's X Factor crush!
Oooohh... Aston loves Stacey! He has written on his facebook that she will be his new girlfriend, she's his type of girl and even contacted her sister to set them up to meet! New X Factor couple? Hmmm... YAY!

Lots of Love xoxo


Hey everyone :)

Quick update on the Leona Lewis scandal of her being punched in the face at her book signing. Leona has come out and said Fame's taking it's toll on the X Factor winner and also the man who punched her was an X factor reject. Jealousy taking it's toll maybe?

1. X Factor's Stacey Soloman

Stacey Soloman is Dagenham's X Factor Star this year. She has caused quite a stir in the media, with being a single mom, her relationship with her 18 month old son Zac's father and also her AMAZING voice. Well and her ditziness. I think she is a funny bubbly nice young girl who deserves to win. I think it'll be down to herself and Lucie Jones in the end. Stacey has been turning heads in shopping centres, other shoppers and stopped in there tracks, star struck! She doesn't realise the effects she has on followers of the show. She's a star in the making.

2. X Factor Drama

Simon Cowell has a £20,000 dressing room (what a woman), Cheryl and Simon feuding on the show is escalating, Cheryl and Danni's fashion was is escalating in the gossip mags also.

I know the feuding gets the ratings and the fashion wore gets mags sold but it's getting a bit old now!

3. Colin Farrel's New addition to the Farrell Clan
Colin Farrel is a father of two now. Colin and girlfriend Alicja Bachleda have just welcomed a baby boy in there lives. They names the baby Henry. He was born October 7th.

He has a son James with Kim Bordenave, they share joint custody of the child who has Angelman Syndrome.

4. Britney Spears promo for new video "3"
Basically Britney has decided to sing about threesomes. If "If U Seek Amy" didn't cause enough controversy I can't wait to see what this song will conjure up from the tabloids. In the promo it's Britney dancing in a skimpy outfit with 2 guys, then she;s in a steam room in a torn leotard and then again on a pole wriggling about while flexy girls dance about. I love the song and the track but many parents won't want it on the radio.
Let's hope people won't cop onto the fact that she's saying 3's better than 2! And that it's just a good track.

5. Holly Willoughby quits the X Factor!

Holly Willoughby has quit the Xtra Factor to focus on This Morning. She will be leaving in December once this season is over. Who will take her place? She became a first time mom in May to son Harry, is presenting the Xtra factor, presents This Morning with Phil and will be starting Dancing on Ice with Phil in January. Too much pressure with all these dream jobs.

6. Nicola McClean Pregnant!
Nicole McClean serial WAG is pregnant with her 2nd child. She married recently on the celeb version of Four Weddings. She is four months pregnant. She has a son Rocky (2) with her footballer husband Tom Williams.

7. Taylor Swift branded Racist! 
(because of this picture ---->)
Taylor Swift attended Katy Perry's 25th Birthday party themed Willy Wonka with all guests wearing white and she was branded racist after a picture came out of her and model AJ English, because his shirt had a painted on swastika symbol on it. And also she had "JH" initialed on her dress which was taken as "Jew Hater" when in fact her friend Julianne Hough had initialed Taylor's dress with paint. All the guests were covered in vibrant coloured paint before they left the party. Taylor Swift is such a sweet girl and the bad press isn't fair because she did nothing wrong!

There were so much X Factor news I decided to do a news special as well!

Lots of Love

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Music I'm Loving - Katherine Jenkins

Hey Everyone :)

Just a quick post to let you all know I LOVE Katherine Jenkins new album Believe. My favourite song is "Bring me to Life". This was brought out by Evanescence and I love her recreation of it. :)

Go listen... Its amazing!

Lots of Love xoxo

Halloween Look: Devil - ish

Hey Everyone :)

I decided to hop on the halloween wagon and do a halloween tutorial. I found these gorgeous thick black eyelashes at... TESCO! I know, but they work. And they only cost 69c. The only downside is there was no eyelash glue, but I had some from my other lashes so I improvised.

I drew on the stars with my maybelline liquid eyeliner. They add such a night touch, like the cherry on top. Its such a nice look and would be nice on a night out too.
I don't think I'd venture out that much and wear it out unless at a house party, festival or costume night out.

These are the lashes in there original packaging.

So for this look I used:
Lips: Mac Dazzleglass in Like Venus (borrowed from a friend :) )
Benefits cupics bow
Face: Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation in Ivory.
Primark the happy couple bronzer and blush duo.
Eyes: Maybelline line definer liquid eyeliner
Maybelline Colossal Volum Express Mascara
Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer Palette all the reds
Two Faced Shadow Insurance
Maybelline Khol Express eyeliner
Fake eyelashes from Tesco

Thanks for checking out my look, It was fun to try out, I might wear it to my friends scary movie night this year :)

What do you think? Hot or Not?

Lots of Love xoxo

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Celeb Make-up Look - Pixie Lott

Hey Everyone :)

It's finally here. Sorry it took so long :( I had a swollen eyelid and couldn't wear make-up for the week. It was torture.

So the products I used were:
Primarks The Happy Couple blush/bronzer duo, 
Bourjois shimmering shine liquid eyeliner in black/grey, Rimmel Lasting finish foundation, 
Maybelline Line Definer liquid eyeliner in Black, Maybelline Khol Express Waterproof Eyeliner in Glam Black, 
Primark clear lip plumping gloss, 
Gosh light'n'shine lip glaze, 
Maybelline Colossal Volum' express mascara,
Essence eyeshadow in 14 Super Star.

My right eye has the liquid eyeshadow on and my left eye has black glitter eyeshadow over the liquid eyeliner.

I think this blush/bronzer duo is really great. It was €2.50 in Penneys (primark) and it is really great value for money. I think it works better than Benefits 10. It comes out alot more, because benefits 10 is too light. Also the brown is a lovely eyeshadow too.

Messy hair!! ha. I'm using the light'n'shine lipglaze. I love it. 

Clearly need to work on my concealing!
This is the final look. Very black and dramatic. I could see myself wearing this out sometime, if I wanted a really dramatic look. Its very nice, try it out yourself with the products you have :)

Lots of Love xoxo

X Factor: Live Show 3

Hey Everyone :)

It's X Factor review show time. Sorry its out late. :( Its BIG BAND night. This means the acts must perform live on stage with an orchestra.

So basically.... we're down to 10 acts. After sunday night, 9 acts continue on to the 4th live show.

The acts this week:

Olly - He was fantastic this week, he sang the themesong from b*witched. He did a really great job but could have made the song stronger.

Lloyd - He did an amazing job this week, compared to other weeks when his voice seemed too weak, but he pulled it out of the bag. Also I liked the back flip!

Miss Frank - They re-sang there first song that got them through to the next round from bootcamp. They have amazing voices but I don't think they mixed there voices well in the last two performances.

Rachel - She's changed. She had a softer look this week, got rid of the mo-hawk and had more colours. She seemed more personable. BUT why was she acting like Stacey when she got good reviews and when she got through? Grrr... I like her but that was unnecessary. She should be herself.

Jamie - I didn't like the way Jamie got away with doing a U2 song on big band night and I'm glad Louis had the b*lls to stand up for the acts and say it was wrong that Simon got away with it because he's the producer. He did a good job though, but the song was wrong.

Stacey - I love stacey, shes amazing and has a fantastic job, the test is though can she sing pop/r'n'b songs other than big operatic type songs. She looked amazing in the glitzy dress and she sang the song like an angel. Amazing.

Danyl - I don't like Danyl he's an over cocky bully. I HATE the way Danyl sings a long note at the end of ALL his songs, I know its like a trade mark thing but come on man, STOP IT!!

Joe - I love Joe, I think he has such an amazing voice. He will definitely go far. He sang the song amazingly. And he deserves to be in the show. He's very talented. Female dancers would've suited the sexy image.

Lucie - I LOVE Lucie. She's the one I'm voting for. But unfortunately there are many talented males in the competition and after the past few years its the women that are coming out on top of the charts. Lucie has an amazing voice and really had guts to go for that loud note during the song live. She could've croaked, but it was beautiful. Also, I didn't like the way Simon commented and the way he told her she had a petal in her hair, it seemed quite smarmy.

John and Edward - They can't sing. I think they should've toned down the dancing around with half naked dancers and just gone with a song. They are good entertainers but that's all they have. They could've done a better job.

The judges - Louis is back. And he's taking no prisoners! He had some harsh comments to through out. Simon seems a bit nicer this week, but I think he's WAY too cocky about his group and because he owns the show he thinks he's going to win. I think a youthful person should win, someone younger than 25! Jamie and Danyl are too cocky, they know there good but they show it way too much! The judges seem to get on more this week, except for some little things between Simon and Louis.

Unfortunately, Miss Frank have been voted off. It came down to Danyl Johnson and Miss Frank. Danyl did a cocky performance and Miss Frank did an emotional performance. But I loved them, I thought they were a great group. Miss Frank said they'd stay together but eventually they won't be able to handle Gratiella taking all the talking roles and getting credit for the raps in the songs, when they are a group and should each get credit where due.

Good Luck Miss Frank.

Lots of Love xoxo

Monday, October 26, 2009

Movie Review: Saw VI

Hey Everyone :)

This is a movie review based on the movie Saw VI I just saw this movie last night and wanted to tell you about it.

It starts off with a Jigsaw trap, a gorey one! I was blocking my eyes hehe. The one thing I like about all the saw movies is they compare them all and do flashback scenes to join the movies and scenes together.

I'm a very big fan of the saw movies. The creativity and actors put these movies together very well. I was disappointed by the ending of Saw VI, I won't spoil it for anyone but be prepared. Don't get your hopes up. Its good but I don't want you to be disappointed if you go to see it.

I like the way they connect the people. It is very well done. Its a bit jumpy, maye one r two parts, but not much, heres a lot of blood and gore but its very good for horror lovers like me.

If you have seen the Saw movies then you may be surprised by this last movie. It pieces the other movies together. E.g. why Jigsaw turned against his own helpers and gave them tasks. And whats in the box that his wife was given as part of his will.

I liked it! If you saw the movie or are going to go see it, let me know what you thought of it?

Lots of Love xoxo

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Saturday, October 24, 2009


Hey Everyone :)

Quick post just to let you know I won't be blogging until tuesday, I will be away for the (Irish) bank holiday weekend. There is a serious lack of internet all weekend - I think I'll go insane ;) 

I definately have things to blog coming up including a halloween look and my recreation of pixie lotts look in a previous post! :)

Lots of Love

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Movie Review: Sorority Row

Hey Everyone :)

I know the movie was in the cinema 9/9/2009 but I still want to write a review because I LOVE it. This is my ideal movie. It is a mix between a chick flick and a horror.

This movie is a jumpy kind of movie. I went to see it with my girlfriends. It is a great movie to see with a boyfriend or for a girly night out with your friends. I think the pick of main actresses for this movie was a good pick. I like to see movies with a lot of actors or actresses in it that I'd know or recognise.

The main actresses:

Briana Evigan as Cassidy (aka Andie from Step Up 2)

Margo Harshman as Chugs (aka Tawny from Even Stevens)

Rumer Willis as Ellie (aka Joanne from The House Bunny)

Jamie Chung as Claire (aka Chelsea from Princess Protection Programme)

Leah Pipes as Jessica (aka Katie from Life is Wild)

Audrina Patridge as Megan (aka herself in The Hills)

Caroline D'Amore as Maggie (aka bikini designer)

I think all of these girls are stunning and really great actresses. They played there roles very well.

I really recommend this to EVERYONE!! :) Its definatley one to see. And also great actresses for make-up inspiration.

Lots of Love xoxo
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Celeb of the week: Britney Spears (21/10/09-28/10/09)

Hey Everyone :)

Well, I was updating my iPod yesterday and was looking up new and chart topping songs. I came across Britney Spears new song '3'. It is REALLY good. I liked the songs on her Circus album. All the drama that came with her 'If You Seek Amy' song and it was her comeback album after her head-shaving, freak-out breakdown.

Her album is good and some songs were catchy. She is now bringing out another album called 3. I really like the song, its very catchy. I think she is a very talented singer and I think now that she has come back to normal the paps and gossip mags should leave her alone and let her get back to some bit of normality. I know with her job it comes with the territory.

She is looking more beautiful than ever. Her hair has grown to a nice length, her hair extentions look real and her body is unreal. She has got her fit and toned body back. I think she has made an amazing proper (second) comeback. The reason I say second is because she had tried to have her comeback with 'Gimme More', but the video and live performance were tacky, stiff and people didn't like it. But I think she really stepped it up with her Circus album. And now moving onto album 3 since her comeback it really shows she's determined and a strong, loved performer.

What do you think? Celeb of the week?

Lots of Love xoxo

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

6 fave items TAG, colour is PINK! :)

Hey Everyone :)

So i was reading a blog post by Chelseafbaby and it said anyone reading this is tagged, so I decided to do it. This tag is my 6 fave items tag and the color she picked was........PINK!

Neutrogena Wave -
I love this. It is small, compact, cute, PINK, and works! Every time I use this my skin feels so smooth and clean. The vibration helps cleanse my skin. It's not expensive and there are refills easily available.

Benefit High Beam -

This is an essential for me on a night out. It adds shine and a healthy glow to my cheek bones. I use 3 dots along my cheekbones and blend it towards the top of my ear. I think this product is definitely worth the money. I got it almost a year ago and there is still 3/4 of product left. This comes out very sheer and its light on the skin. It doesn't feel heavy on my skin and doesn't feel like there's product build up on my face.

Cutex Strengthening Nail Varnish Remover -

I got this is Heaton's as a 2 for 1 offer in small bottles. I prefer nail varnish remover in smaller bottles because its easier to travel with and easier to store away in my room. (I have A LOT of junk, I'm a hoarder)
I find that my natural nail colour becomes a lot healthier looking with Cutex and also one wipe and the nail varnish comes off. And my nails really are stronger.
Intimately Beckham -
I got this perfume last Christmas and was very skeptical as to how it would smell because it was in a gift set and didn't know how it smelt. So during the summer I finished my main perfume and decided to open it and use it. It smells LOVELY. There.s such a nice fresh smell, its very fruity and girly. I think it is one of my favourites. Along with Christina Aguilera's inspire.

Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush -

I love the smell of this. It really works. I was kind of thinking 'oh this is just another gimmick for girls to fall for'. It works, I used it at Oxegen Music Festival this year, and during the summer to refresh my hair between washes. It gives my hair volume, makes it look fresh, is quick and easy to use, and also makes my hair smell fresh like flowers.

NYC New York Colour Minute Nail Varnish in Soho -

This colour is gorgeous for people who prefer natural looking nails rather than extravagant colours. It lasts and goes on quite easily without drying out. It does need two coats though. But it is a really good nail varnish, natural with a great shine. It is the nicest pink colour of the range. And it is cheap, which I know many if not all girls like to hear, especially coming up to Christmas and you need to be saving money. I really like this varnish.

This was a tag for 7 items but I couldn't think of a 7th pink thing atm!!

Lots of Love xoxo

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Update: 10 Followers.... I'm delighted!

Hey Everyone :)

I just want to say a huge thank you to all 10 of my followers :)

Liparazzi - Laura

♥ Liesl Klem

♥ Superficialgirl - Carlinn

♥ BeauMakeUp - Natalie

♥ Alexandra Dean

♥ LibbyLayla1984

♥ Sadie

♥ Laurette

♥ Chelseafbaby

♥ Dazzledust25 - Amy

I am so so delighted to have all of you as followers. I just posted 2 days ago saying I hoped that I'd have 10 followers by halloween and I have! I was jomping around the house with a HUGE grin on my face saying "YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY".

This has totally made my day/week/month!! :)

Thank you so so so so much!

Pressure pressure pressure... I really hope I do you girls justice and keep you interested with my blog. I plan to write about:

Make-up reviews, x factor weekly updates, celeb style/make-up/hair crush, a celeb look of the week, monthly products I'm loving, make-up looks based on pics, products I'm loving, new products rave, tags, I'm loving... , updates, hauls (rare, I don't have job yet so don't have cash to spend that much :( )

Wow thats alot to blog about hehe. I can do it tho. I'm a rambler! Hope you guys like some upcoming blog posts...

Feel free to ask me to review products/try out hair/make-up looks and anything!! :)

Thank you all

Lots of Love xoxo

Saturday, October 17, 2009

X Factor: Live Show 2

Hey Everyone :)

So, this week is DIVA week... YAY! I think this week Simon is being such a GIANT asshole!! He needs to give the contestants a break. And he's a lick ass to Whitney "Btw to Whitney if you watching you look cute" come on man... grow up!

Simons picking on every other contestant/group except his own! And I think he should ease off the others a bit.

I think Whitney and Clive's advice was good and the acts took it on well. Also I think Cheryl made good song choices... especially it being a diva week, there's no male diva songs put there and for males to have to take on woman songs its hard... the vocal pitch is different. I don't like any of the overs this week simply because of Simon.

Lucie did a great performance this week and really went for those high notes and the dancing really stepped up her game this week. Very energy, a star was born tonight!
Olly did a really good performance, i really like his voice, Its different. He did a truly fab job tonight... the Olly shuffle ha ha
Miss Frank did a really good job tonight, i think the vocals at the end were a bit dodgy though, sorry girls! I think they are truly great as a group!
Rachel really stepped it up this week. When she began lying on the floor all i thought was "get up girl" ha ha.
Joe did a really amazing job, one of the few acts that Simon praised this week!
Danyl did a good job but i don't like the way he sings a long note at the end of this week AND last week. It doesn't show versatility.
Lloyd is such a dote. He did a really good job tonight, that song is a hard one to sing anyway so I think Simon should've given him a break,Poor Cheryl in tears... Simon's fault, I think the song was a good choice for him.
John and Edward stepped it up this week, there vocals were a bit stronger but they still can't sing! They looked hilarious and the "titanic" part was very funny!! It was a love seen between brothers haha.
Rikki did a poor job tonight, he could've really belted that out, I'm sorry to say he could be the one to go this week :(
Jamie's Xtina performance was very rock'n'roll. His voice just can't change!
Stacey was AMAZING tonight! She did an amazing job and looked gorgeous. Total Star!!

What crawled up Simon's ass and made him think he's king? Just because his mentor (Clive Owen) was sitting by him in the audience doesn't mean he has the right to be an asshole!! GRR he really pissed me off tonight! Stacey looked amazing, she's got the whole package. And for Simon to say she wasn't comfortable, hello she wore jeans and a Marilyn Monroe top last week to a glam glitzy pink and black dress this week, difference... ya!!

Good Luck to Kandy Rain, I hope they go on to do good things!!

UPDATE: Rikki Loney is gone, as I predicted!! Also, Rachel was in the bottom 2 again this week, why don't people like her? And WTF, how did the twins get into the 3rd live show?!!

Lots of Love xoxo

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Contest Time!! CLOSED!

Hey everyone :)

I did this competition to thank my followers. It didn't go down to well. Thank you to Chelsea who attemped to do the competition and I understand how frustrating it is to try to copy a picture and it doesn't work out.

This contest is now CLOSED!!

Lots of Love xoxo
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