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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

YouTube Guru's :)

Hey everyone :)

Just a quick blog to let people know a bit about my YouTube obsession!! :D

I was preparing to go to OXEGEN in July and wanted to do some research on dry shampoo. I came across a video by allthatglitters21 aka Elle. Then I had a look at some of her other videos and came across her sister juicystar07 and so I subscribed to both there channels. They are both guru's on YouTube and do tutorials, make-up looks, hair care and styles and also product reviews.

From watching these girls I also came across other guru's such as xsparkage, euchanté, lollipop26 but to name a few of my favourite :D

Another guru I really like is Queenbeeuty aka Kalel. She is such a genuine nice girl, she does her videos in front of a cool collage background, she does really cool videos and also, my favourite shes a hooters girl :D I've never been to hooters but it looks like such a fun place to work!

Check out there guru's on YouTube, there videos are really interesting and are just a "quick" video... hehe. Most guru's say it's only going to be a a quick video but they go on for about 10 minutes hehe :P

I love Kandee Johnson's videos so much I'm gonna do a blog about her separately!! :D

Bye xoxo

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