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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Random night out + FOTN

Hey Everyone :)

Some snaps of a night out in Cork city on Thursday 10th Sept. Fun Fun...

me and Ashleigh posing...
After a few drinks at her house...
Me whipping Sinead with a belt... thats how we do :P
Some of the gang in the Brog...
Me doing a drunken fool pose in front of friends car...
It was an extremely fun night... drunk some vodka and raspberry squash at Ashleighs house with AnnMarie and Sinead. Then we went to The Brog in the city and me and Sinead did tequila shots, put on some sunglasses and played fooseball and then grabbed all our friends out dancing the night away :P
Just a random blog :)
Lots of Love x

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  1. It's weird seeing the photo of The Brog coz I was in there last time I was over there!


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