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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kanye West: WTF!!

Hey everyone :)

Just a rant about STUPID Kanye West and AMAZINg Taylor Swift and Beyonce!!

F*ck You Kanye Stinking West!!

Kanye West is the most selfish, racist, dispicable, full of sh*t, mean, heartless load I have ever seen. What he did to Taylor Swift was totally uncalled for! Beyonce had nothing to do with that and Kanye is all for black power. I am in no way racist. He is spouting off about how black people should win awards and how black people haven't won awards in 2 years. SPEAK FOR YOURSELF! No-one wants anything to do with him. (except his questionable looking girlfriend)He is worthless. He is so mean and heartless. He is just plain a*s crazy! If it was anyone else accepting that award he wouldn't have had the balls to get up there but because it was young 19 year old Taylor Swift. Judging from the YouTube video I saw of the horrible event she was speechless over the a*sholes action.

And other artists back up Taylor Swift... Pink tweeted "My heart goes out to taylor swift. She is a sweet and talented girl and deserved her moment" and "Kanye west is the biggest piece of shit on earth", Perez Hilton says "Next time Kanye West wins some award, everyone should bum rush the stage!" (true haha), Ryan Seacrest tweeted "Vma's- I feel like taylor is my little sister. I just called her to say was proud of her and she was so brave to crush it right after! Love".

And also on Ryan Seacrests twitter this was posted "New Kanye- "I feel like Ben Stiller in Meet the Parents. That was Taylor's moment. I had no right to take from her. Im truly sorry."‬‪ kw" To be honest no amount of apology would make up for what experience was taken from Taylor.

Koodose to Beyonce for bringing Taylor Swift back on stage to have her time to shine. I think Taylors performance was outstanding especially after what happened. That would've knocked me back. She is a strong person. I think it was very kind of Beyonce to give up her time. It was Taylors first VMA moonman award and to have that experience ruined by a heartless jerk was just cruel!
Both Taylor Swift and Beyonce are both extremely talented artists and I think they both deserved to win an award. They are both stunning women and they both have amazing singing voices, different to each other.

Well done to everyone who won an award and also all who performed. Amazing creativity. (Lady Gaga)!! :P

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