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Saturday, September 26, 2009

I'm loving.... Urban Decay

Hey Everyone :)

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So this blog is about Urban Decay products...

Short story to explain what happened...

Ok, so i was walking around town waiting for my class to start at 12 but had to wait around for an hour so I decided to go into debenhams and have a look around. So i tested some perfumes and swatched some products and then headed over to the Urban Decay section. There was a woman working there and all summer there hadn't been so she asked to show me the new palette, So I said go ahead... and I LOVED it! It has 16 colours which 8 are exclusive to the palette and its limited edition! And then she told me she was new and wanted something to do so she did make-up on my face using surreal skin mineral foundation, baked bronzer in bronze shimmer, gold and brown shimmer eyeshadows on my eyes and the new ink for eyes cream eyeliner in brown. And I loved the finished look. She did a really great job for her 2nd day on the job. She was friendly and complementary (she said I had flawless skin, lovely eyelashes and lovely eyes). So I told her I'd be back to buy some of these next week. When i get them I will do swatches on my blog for youto see for yourself.

All colours mentioned here suit blue eyes amazingly! I got lots of compliments from friends that day on how my make-up looked!

The inside detailis of peacock feathers and has a book of different looks in the open section.

The colours are gorgeous and comes with two 24/7 eyeliners (black and brown) and a mini potion primer. Its is available for €36.

I think Urban Decay products are well worth the money. The products are of good quality and the packaging is so nice.

Lot of Love xoxo

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  1. Ooooh the palette looks pretty!I love Urban Decay eyeshadows


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