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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

X Factor RANT

Hey Everyone :)

Well for those of you outside the UK and Ireland you probably can't see the X Factor unless you watch it on YouTube.
Have you seen these twins perform?
There 17 year old identical twins from Dublin, Ireland.
I know it's bad but I would recommend you to go look at the state of there audition.
When they first came out they tried to address the audience, get the crowd interested, but Simon (Cowell) was having none of it! Being from Ireland and having them as the only Irish entry it is such a disgrace... Ireland has talent under every rock and around every corner... Alot of places do, so to have these talentless twins go out there trying to represent Ireland is embarrassing. I think they would be good motivational speekers or actors but not singers. And just because Louis Walsh is Irish doesn't mean he should favor them. Well heck if he's going to favour Irish contestants i should go for it next year (despite what my friends say...they tell me go for it for 2010).
The X factor team decided to pull out of doing the dublin auditions but as far as I know they still allow people from Ireland to go over and audition. But rumour has it that Ruth Lorenzo from the 2008 X Factor finals was voted out because she travelled from Spain to do the auditions! But there was one from Jamaica this year too. So who knows... Air ah.

So chatting on... Do you recognise this girl? She's around 11 here but she's 19 now.
This is Stacey McClean. She was a member of the kids band S club Juniors/ S Club 8. She auditioned for the X Factor 2009. She won her spot on the kids band for auditioning for the band S Club 7. After the band split, Stacey finished off her schooling and did some modelling. With a passion for music still running through her veins she auditioned for the X Factor.

This is Stacey at her first X Factor audition. She is stunning and a really talented singer. I think she deserves to be on the final show or at least make it to the judges houses.
Two of her S club 8 bandmates, Rochelle and Frankie, are now both in a successful girlband The Saturdays. So I think it would be good for Stacey to also get back to music.
Well done to her for having the guts to try and get back to the music industry and going out onto that stage and performing in front of Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh, Danni Minogue and Cheryl Cole. I don't think I'd have the guts to do it.
Just a bit of personal jabber... feel free to continue reading to know a bit more about me... :)
All my friends and family tell me I should go for it and go audition for the X Factor next year (2010) but I don't know if I'd have the confidence to do it. I love singing. it helps me to relax and I just love doing it. I entered "teen idol", a singing competition for 13-17 yr olds, and I sang Christina Aguileras Fighter. At the time it was a popular song for many of the other entrants to sing. I was so nervous and screwed up, Well I sang it but blanked myself out so I could've gone all wrong. But ya, so my confidence got knocked back in terms of my singing. And my weight is also a confidence knocker... I get called fat at least once every night I go out by men and it hurts, and then some 14 year old shouted fatty at me in the street and wanted to know my weight! I mean like do people have no respect or curtisy any more? Anyone had there confidence knocked before? Leave me a comment below and let me know.
Lots of Love xoxo
Update, twins made it onto the live shows and are part of the final 3 groups that got onto the show. Also, Stacey McClean didn't make it past the judges homes.
Disclaimer - I do not own any of the pictures and do not claim to own these pictures. I reserve the right to remove any comments I deem unnecessary or mean.

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