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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Four Year Anniversary (Late post!)

Hey dolls,

I just realized I never posted this! Our anniversary lies on January 21st/22nd 2011, these were the happiest day ever. We decided to celebrate our anniversary on 22nd going forward to avoid confusion ;) As mentioned in a previous blog post Daniel and I met online on a dating website known as Plenty of Fish or nowadays known as POF. There has been a lot of bad press lately about meeting people online, same as was in the news a few years back! 

We went to Jasmin Palace Chinese Restaurant in Limerick city and to the cinema to see Taken 3. Daniel's sister babysat for us. The restaurant decor had changed since we were last there, it was lovely and the table areas had changed to more personal booth like areas around the restaurant along with lovely dividers around the room.
I went with a light brown smokey eye with nude pink lip. I curled my hair into a wavy effect.
My handsome date for the evening
In the restaurant
Cosmo cocktail
Starter platter
OOTN - black textured blazer, black top with back detailing, black light pants with white hearts and black point toed mid heels with a black over the shoulder small handbag.
Grr my fringe!
Home, makeup free and cuddling up for bedtime

I was surprised at how short the movie seemed, Daniel didn't really like the sequil but I enjoyed it. The dinner was lovely and was nice for us to get a date night, our first since Alex was born :)

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Lots of Love

Alex's Three Month Update

Hey dolls,

This post is slightly delayed by a few days! So my son, Alex, was 3 months old on 28th February. He is currently 13 weeks and 4 days old! Alex has changed a lot from a newborn to a proper little baby (looks wise) in the past few weeks, it really is crazy how much babies change in such a short time!

Milestones: Alex has very good balance and loves sitting up on mom or dad's knee like a big boy - sometimes he gets fed up of being tilted slightly in the bouncer (and he can see more at the height of sitting with us!). Alex can sit up on his own when sitting on my lap when he is slightly gaining support from my body, slightly holding my fingers with his little hands but has nothing supporting his back (except of course my hand nearby in case he jolts backward!!). His legs are quite strong so he can push off the ground when supported by me or his dad. He can hold his head up for long periods of time without getting too tired. He still doesn't like tummy time too much but after his 3 month check up we were advised to do it every waking minute of the day because he doesn't get enough of it! :(

Sleep: He is a very good sleeper at night time. We are slowly moving him into his big cot because the moses basket is becoming too small and he's becoming too heavy so it's starting to dip a bit! I don't want him in his big cot because this means he has to sleep in his own room, because the cot won't fit in our bedroom. I know it's too early for him to be alone so I'm trying to drag it out as long as possible but for Alex safety it's best for him to sleep in his highly supportive cot with nice new mattress. He doesn't sleep well during the day so my plan is to put him into his cot for his day time naps and get him into some sort of routine (which I find quite difficult!).

Best Moment: I have to say the best moment is Alex is smiling a lot more and is starting to giggle sometimes. Most mornings I wake up and Alex is already awake when he see's me he gives me his gorgeous morning smiles :) I love waking to a happy baby!

Worst Moment: Alex has started teething so sometimes he gets very fussy but otherwise he is such a happy content baby and there has been no bad moments!

Health: Alex's health is perfect. He has been a little snotty the past week but otherwise he's been great. He had a small show of cradle cap about 2 weeks ago, I use Johnson's cream on it and it has gone now. It flares up sometimes.

Eating: Alex is currently on Cow and Gate number 1 infant milk. I'm starting to research weaning as Alex is a hungry baby and I can't see him lasting until 6 months before he starts on foods. I bought a blender from Aldi during their baby event a few weeks ago. I've read reviews and a lot of people are raving about how great it is. It's quite small too which will help with travel (as I visit my parents every second week at the moment).

Things I want to Remember: Alex is starting to become captivated by what we have on the TV at the moment which is so cute when he's sitting on his daddy's lap! He is also starting to grab his monkey toys that hang in front of him on his bouncer which is super cute. In recent weeks he has become more in love with his elephant comforter Ellie which we give to him for daytime naps and for going to bed at night. I take Ellie out of his basket once he's asleep though as he has pulled her over his face which scared me so won't let that happen again!! 

Alex started swimming with Water Babies Ireland. He is now on his 3rd week of the beginners class. He goes with his dad into the pool as I watch. His auntie took him into the water for the taster and she will also be taking him into the pool this week as his dad will be at a stag! Alex absolutely loves the pool and the water. He gave out last week when getting changed as he was hungry for a bottle - but otherwise he doesn't give out!

My previous updates on Alex are here.

Lots of Love

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Lifestyle Change - Healthy Eating

Hi Dolls,

Today is the 1st February (duh!). I made new resolutions for 2015 just like a lot of others (see post here) and the main one's were to get my pre baby body back and better, to drink less fizzy drinks and more water, and to eat cleaner.

I decided, because of all the chocolates we got for Christmas, that I wouldn't bother trying to eat healthier until February because I would just be breaking my new changes! We got 2 box of roses,  2x celebrations, quality streets, and my friend gave me a box of chocolates as well! I one chocolate in the quality streets and roses, and I'd eat any of the celebrations except bounty or twix! There's only two of us (adults) in the house so there have been lots of chocolates leftover - luckily for us our friend the rat decided to rob the box of choccys my friend gave me, ate the lot!, and robbed some quality streets and left the wrappers under the fridge (along with little bits of tin foil?!). Anyway, back to the point at hand...

From today, I plan not to bring in anymore chocolate or crisps, fried foods, fizzy drinks and white foods (bread, pasta, rice). In January, I didn't bring in any crisps, except popcorn into the house, and also switched from white bread to brown wholemeal bread.

Cutting back on Diet Coke and switching to water or diluted drinks like Robinsons Orange and Ribena blackcurrent will be a big change for me. I will still drink a fizzy drink at the cinema or on an evening out as a mixer but as both those occasions are rare these days with a baby I'm not too pushed by this decision! I'm not a huge fan of drinking water, especially from the tap (because we have limescaled water). We use brita filters to clean the water. I would either drink this or a bottle of Volvic water.

I plan to buy some cook books or borrow some from my sister so I can make some dinners that are different to the usual we have, and also to mix it up a bit. As a fussy eater I'm conscious I could pass this onto my son and I really don't want to do that to him, it's not easy being as fussy as I am, at 25 (and a half) years old it's not going to get much better and my taste buds won't change much! To be fair to myself, I have tasted a few new foods in the past few years and have decided whether I really don't like it or if it's something I would try again! I don't like overly flavoured/seasoned foods, I really don't like peppers or onions, and I don't like ketchup! I am willing to try new foods but sometimes the look of the food is enough to turn me off!

Eating healthier won't be easy because we find it quite tough to cook dinner with a baby, let alone cook a dinner from scratch. In time, I'll get better at cooking, get used to cooking dinners from scratch and prepare dinners beforehand and freeze them. For now, it's all trial and error!

Laura over at Liparazzi Blog has some great recipes for healthy eating on her blog I hope to try out! I will keep you updated on how this whole healthy lifestyle works out.

Along with the food changes I plan to go walking with my son 3 days a week and also hope to get out Sunday morning for a run or walk myself with my iPod going. Currently my leg is still a bit sore since having Alex but hopefully the walking will help that! Bring on the healthy lifestyle....

Lots of Love

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Alex's Two Month Update

Hi Dolls,

It's so crazy to think I have a 2 month old baby! He is currently 8 weeks and 5 days old. This time last year he wasn't even conceived and now he's growing up so fast (but not too fast - he's still super baby like).

Today I'm going to share with you all the changes I've noticed in my small man in his second month.

Alex is much more alert, he focuses on faces and reacts when you talk to him. He gets all smiley for his daddy throughout the day, and smiles for mommy first thing in the morning when I take him into his nursery to change his nappy and get him dressed for the day! He's mad to move and eat! When he's lying on his playmat his legs are going mad kicking as if he wants to just get up and run around! I see him watching me eat sometimes and he licks his lips or sticks out his tongue. Alex has grown a lot length wise as a lot of his sleepsuits are becoming a little too snug for my liking! I am also convinced his daddy shrunk some of the sleepsuits and vests in the wash!

6 weeks and 8 weeks milestone pics
Alex is sleeping a lot less during the day, in fact he fights the sleep as much as he can! Sometimes I resort to just holding him until he falls asleep. He sleeps 4-5 hours during the night sometimes which is great for us parents ;) His last feed before bedtime is normally 11pm. He usually wakes for a feed approx. 2am or 3am, 5am or 6am, 9am or 10am (depending on his mood and sleep!). He usually settles straight after his bottle, and if he doesn't he'll just kick about in his moses basket until he falls asleep so he doesn't disturb us if he does stay awake a little longer.

Best Moment:
Alex is smiling a lot more these past few weeks. He usually smiles at his daddy's funny faces, or noises. He smiles for me when I change him into a clean nappy or talk to him! He also gives smiles in his sleep when he falls asleep on me or his dad.

Alex is loving bath time. He just lays there on his towel support and loves the water being poured on his belly. He also loves when I wash his hair (because he has a good head of it ;)). We have a routine now, once he's washed, he's wrapped in his towel, then transported to the changing table, where he is dried, gets a nappy on, wrapped in a fluffy blanket and moisturized on his belly, legs and arms, then he gets dressed into nice warm fluffy pj's.

Worst Moment:
Alex doesn't give up wind easily so one day in the past 4 weeks he had about 6 hours of fussing and crying, we could feel bubbles rumbling in his tummy. Eventually we got them out of him and he settled but it's so sad for us to see him in such discomfort. Otherwise, no bad moments!

Alex had his 6 week checkup, the GP advised Alex is more advanced than he should be at 6 weeks. Which makes us proud parents. His hips were perfect, he has super strong legs and he was a lot more alert and curious than other babies of 6 weeks. They couldn't believe he was only 6 weeks old! He's growing well and all healthy. I was worried about his breathing/lungs as he wheezes sometimes but thats just wind and all normal!

He feeds every 3 hours on 5oz. of Cow and Gate formula. We had him on another formula and that didn't work out. He's starting to look for his bottle a little sooner than 3 hours so I'm going to move him up to 6oz. and try to make it to 4 hours between feeds as I think every 3 hours is too much.

Things I want to Remember:
Alex went to his first birthday party. My friend's son Theo's 7th Birthday was on the same day Alex turned 7 weeks old! Alex also had his first snow experience this month, as he slept through most of the day we just got a picture of Alex next to the snow on our way to the shops! Alex loves spending time with his daddy in his gaming room and also loves playing on his Playgro Happy House Super Mat. His play time is usually after his 7pm feed as he is most alert and relaxed. This is when we attempt tummy time (attempt meaning he doesn't like it :().

My previous updates on Alex are here.

Lots of Love

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Baby's First Christmas and New Years

Hi Dolls,

This post is so delayed but that's the joys of having a newborn who seems to be a lot more alert than I thought he would be at such a young age, and having a boyfriend who hogs your laptop for football manager when you do have a free 5 minutes ;) I use my iPad for blogging sometimes but all my pics were on the laptop so this is the first free chance I had to get this post up for you!

I want to share my bubs first Christmas with you and also provide you with knowledge of how Christmas day went for us having a new baby and traveling between two families and counties!

Christmas Eve

Alex first wore this green long sleeved 'I Saw Mummy Kissing Santa Claus' top his (paternal) grandparents gave him. It's 6-9 month size but I had to get a wear out of it at least once (even though it was like a dress on him ;)). He wore it for about an hour before spewing up on it! 

Alex and I ventured up to Cork Airport to meet my friend Sinead off her flight from Paris. Sinead moved to Paris during my pregnancy so this would be her first time meeting Alex and it was a surprise! We found out the time of her flight and surprised her at the Airport with my other friends! It was a nice surprise and a nice way to spend Christmas Eve when we didn't have any big plans! I also called out to my parents for a bit so they could see Alex during the festive few days :)
(l-r) Me, Molly, Sinead holding Alex, and Niamh
When we got back to Limerick that evening we went to Alex other grandparents house and spent the evening watching TV, eating sweets and choccy, talking about past Christmases and the neighbours popped in to meet Alex too.
Christmas Day

The night before Christmas Alex was a little fussy so we didn't get much sleep (as you could probably tell). We got up pretty early to go down and open pressies as Santa had arrived! Santa did good! He put Alex's gifts under the tree and mommy and daddy's gifts on the arm chairs!

Alex and his daddy next to all his new presents from Santa

Alex's first Christmas he was a little spoiled by Santa and family and friends! The gifts above are all from Santa:

Toy Fi Teddy (link)
Disney Baby Mickey Small Plush (link) - comes with a car shaped teether attached.
The Night Before Christmas book and jigsaw set
Taggies Cuddles N Tags Gift Set (link)
Lamaze flapping bug
Lamaze Classic Discovery Book (link)
Hamleys cuddley teddy
Spider man watch clock
ELC Bath Time Baby Ducks (link)
Bright Starts Lots of Links (link)
Alex's outfit is from Carters

Went to see Santa with Nana and Grandad

Alex went to see Santa with Mom and Dad

Alex and Santa

'Santa's little helper' top and joggers from Tesco F&F, Mustache dummy was a gift.

Top is from F&F, pants from Primark and booties from Dunnes (Playmat from Smyths)

Sleepsuit from F&F (gift)

Santa hat and booties from Carters, Pants from M&S, top was a gift from Mothercare

Christmas jumper from Primark, hat and booties from Carters, pants from M&S, Harry the Donkey was a gift

Alex's robin pjs from The Childrens Place

Cuddles with Grandad

Personalised blanket gift from Horizon Designs from Alex's Aunty Bethany

Safari toy box from Home Store and More
Around 11am we went to Daniel's parents house, so Alex's paternal Grandparents house for breakfast and so they could spend some time with their grandson on Christmas day. We swapped pressies and spent time relaxing.

Then we hit the road at 1pm to Cork to Alex's maternal grandparents for Christmas dinner. We waited for my sister and her boyfriend to arrive and we all sat down to eat! Dinner was delicious! We had the same as we do every year, turkey and ham, mash potato, roast potato, croquettes, veggies and desert normally consists of jelly, custard, ice cream and some sort of cake/pudding! When dinner was ready Alex woke for a feed so right when I was about to tuck in! I had to feed him first and then have my dinner when every one else was nearly done :( Sad times! Lol.

After dinner we watched movies and some lame TV. Daniel headed back to Limerick on Stephen's Day as he had a primary school reunion that night and I was heading out with friends. We had a good, relaxing first Christmas but it can be stressful with such a young baby! Christmas 2015 will be so different!

New Years Eve

New Years with a newborn is strange! No one really asked us out because they presumed we'd want to be together, which was true but it was strange not being around others too! Daniel and Alex slept and I was window shopping on New Years Eve! At 30 seconds to midnight Dan woke to say Happy New Year and drifted back to sleep again, exciting huh ;) lol.

Lots of Love

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Healthier Life - beginning 2015

Friday 9th January my little boy was 6 weeks old! This is crazy but the time isn't flying by like everyone says it does, well not yet anyway!

So this is like my 6 weeks postpartum update... I didn't take photo's of my body right after I had my baby or anytime until now, because I didn't want to and mostly because I didn't think to. Before I got pregnant I was never confident about my body and having grown another person inside me and the change my body went through I'm not totally loving myself but I feel a bit better about how I look now having had a tummy after having my baby until all the extra fluid and bump went down! 

I want to better my appearance, lose weight, eat healthier and exercise more for my health and for the sake of my baby! He deserves a mom who has more energy and is more happy than I am at the moment! He deserves someone who can play with him and be a role model with a healthier lifestyle. It'll be better for all three of us if I make this change and I feel I have the time and motivation to do it! I can't afford a gym membership at the moment due to being unemployed but once I have my finances regulated I will be joining a gym and hopefully getting into some gym classes! I took part in project weightloss, a program in Ireland to help overweight men and women lose weight through diet and exercise. I loved the program and miss going but it's only available just over an hour down the road away from me and it's not exactly the best for me to leave my son for like 3 hours or more just to go to the gym :( 

I will go for walks during the week and try to exercise at home when Alex is sleeping but as he's so young still I'm struggling to get out and about like for walks with him! He is an amazing baby though and he loves fresh air and sunny spells so it's perfect to take him out :) 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Baby Clothing Haul

Hey dolls,

So I went shopping on Sunday for my little man because some of his clothes have shrunk in the wash and he's getting very long for his 0-3 month clothing! And I also now know how much clothes I need to keep the little guy going because I won't get away with keeping him in sleepsuits some days ;)

I have F&F, Penneys and Dunnes Stores below. When I was shopping I noticed in F&F, they have almost equal amounts of boys vs. girls clothing (basically you wouldn't notice the difference). In Penneys I was very shocked to see most of the clothing for newborn upward was along a wall and 85% of that was was all girls clothing and the boys was bunched in down the end! To be fair if I had a girl I'd probably be delighted but it was hard to look through clothes when they have some on top of others to save on space! Dunnes Stores I find had equal amounts too but that could be the bigger sizes more so than little baby's clothing!

Tesco F&F (Sale clothing)
Dark grey joggers - was €6.50, bought for €4.55
Grey long sleeved top - was €5, bought for €2.50 in 50% Sale
Stone pants, €6
Grey and navy blue 2 pack of joggers, €6
Mickey Mouse long sleeved top, €4
Navy zipped hoody fleece with stars, €5
Joggers and top set, €7
(I cannot figure out how to rotate these pics on the post (they are right way up on my laptop :())
Striped long sleeve top with yellow jeans, €10
Green and navy long sleeved tops (2 pack), €6

Dunnes Stores
These joggers are so soft and lightweight that they'll be light on his legs so he can kick about and the material is cosy too!
Light grey and dark grey jogger 2 pack, €8
Light blue and darker blue jogger 2 pack, €8
Most of the clothes purchased are 3-6 months so he won't be wearing them for a little while but why not stock up while the sales are on and while there are lovely little bits in the shops! I have to say Primark have some very very nice girls clothing for 0-12 months too, so if you have or are having a girl it would be worth a look :)

I do need to stock up on clothes for myself, staple pieces for my wardrobe I can wear on a regular basis rather than statement pieces! A lot of my clothes I wouldn't wear again, or are stretched from my pregnancy, or just don't fit right anymore!

Lots of Love