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Friday, September 19, 2014

Pregnancy Update: 31 weeks

Hey Dolls,

I am now 31 weeks pregnant! It is so scary how the time has flown to get to this stage! I found out I was pregnant way back in March. My last update was 3 weeks ago now, at 28 weeks, you can read it here. I'm nearly finished my contract with work, only a week left! I was a temporary agent and my contract is sadly coming to an end.

How far along? 31 weeks
Total weight gain/measurement: I think I've gained just over a stone in weight, including the baby and water and all that lovely stuff that is growing inside me!
Maternity clothes: Yes, I'm finding some of my old clothes still fit (some tshirts from Primark/Penneys and jeggings from New Look). I do need to get a new pair of black jeans and some more tops as my bump is getting HUGE! I want to take a picture of it soon so I can keep a reminder for myself ;) More than likely will post it on instagram for my bestie to see as she won't see me til I 'pop'!
Stretch marks: I've noticed stretch marks on my legs by my knees, and the stretch marks I had seem to have moved upward! I'm using the Vaseline Spray and Go all the time now, I think the trick is to just stay moisturised!
Sleep: I'm very very tired this week. I wake during the night to use the bathroom (TMI), I also wake from discomfort or back pain or when I roll over, it hurts! I think it's due to the fact my boyfriend takes up most the bed :P haha!
Best moment's so far: He's kicking a lot more, and I feel a lot more movement. The best moment was when Daniel felt the baby move and kick for the first time. I think at that moment it became a bit more real for him ;)
Miss anything? I miss walking without feeling strain, sleep, alcohol and my friends :(
Movement: Lots and lots, this baby is one moving machine! He's always rolling around, kicking and pushing outward! I keep thinking 'you can't come out that way!'.
Food cravings: Mmm.. I don't think I 'crave' anything. I would like something at a particular time but wouldn't need to have it, I just ignore it or get something else! :)
Anything making you queasy or sick? No, not at the moment. I did get sick yesterday morning before work though after brushing my teeth! I still get sick after eating ready made sauces e.g. Bolognese sauce.
Gender: Boy! We found out with a gender scan at the baby scan clinic in Cork. I was so nervous I think I didn't enjoy the experience as much as I should have. Lots of comic book and blue stuff floating around for the little guy.
Labour signs: Nope, and hopefully will stay this way for a few more weeks!
Symptoms: Heartburn, I get awful heartburn in the evening time! It sucks because I keep forgetting to purchase something to help stop it :( Anything could set it off, it's very annoying and gross. I find I am very stiff in the morning when I get out of bed, my back is very sore and needs a stretch and it's very hard to get dressed, well mainly hard to put on pants - my legs are very stiff and sore!
Belly button in or out? In for now, it's making it's way out though! Nooo! I think it could pop out before the baby is born but it seems to have gone back in so fingers crossed ;)
Swelling: My feet swell sometimes, my hands rarely do. I get swelling in my ankles when I stand for a bit too long!
Happy or moody most of the time: Neither I guess, I'm very worried and stressed at the moment trying to get the house renovated and ready for baby. And of course finances is a worry but there's nothing we can do at the moment but get on with it so I'm trying to remain upbeat and not stress about it!
Looking forward to: Getting the nursery done! We have the walls plastered and painted. Daniel is ordering the parts for the wardrobe this evening (he's going to build our design). In the next few weeks we'll receive the other furniture from family and finally get the room together :)

I was asked to put a list together of what we have already, I did this and decided to put a list together of what we need (not including clothes) and holy wow there is quite a lot of stuff we need for our little guy! I am just so thankful for all the support we get from our family and friends, we wouldn't be standing strong today without them!

I have to admit I love mammies! I don't know where we'd be without our mammies! To be fair our dads are pretty awesome too (for helping with house stuff ;)). Mom and Daniel's mom are so helpful with information, what we need to have and when etc. 

I'm off shopping today for some baby 'essentials' outlined below: 
Baby Monitor
Angelcare AC601 Movement and Sound Baby Monitor
This baby monitor comes with a portable and rechargeable parent unit, an under-the-mattress movement sensorpad (to monitor babies movements and breathing), nursery night light, an out-of-range indicator and sound lights (for the hearing impaired). You can read more about the product here.

Baby bouncer
I got a baby bouncer from my Aunt and Uncle already, it's a standard navy blue bouncer from Graco (I think). I will be keeping this one at my parent's house so I won't be lugging loads of baby stuff back and forth with me (my parent's live an hour away).
Fisher-Price Rainforest Bouncer
The reason why I chose this bouncer was because it's bright and vibrant. I also love jungle toys for babies, I think there so cute! The detachable toys are  blue and red monkey's with clacker beads and a roller ball. You can view the product here. I fell in love with this Graco swing (I think because it's high, the movements and the Saccone Joly's have it or something similar!), but Daniel doesn't like it and I agree with his reasons, theres no colour and it's just bland for a baby.

Breastfeeding cushion
Clevamama 10 in 1 Clevacushion
I haven't really told anyone other than family my plan to breastfeed because as you may already know a lot of people have very different views on it. I'm terrified to breastfeed in public so thinking of co feeding him with a bottle and boob! I love this Clevacushion as it's 10 in 1! Obvious reasons ;)
10 in 1 being:
1. Back support for during pregnancy.
2. Breastfeed or Bottle Feeding.
3. Super comfortable baby nest.
4. Bouncer Head Support
5. Car Seat Insert
6. Tummy time play support with two removable and colourful toys/rattles included.
7. Pram insert
8. Bolster Support
9. High Chair support
10. Stroller Support
You can see more information here. Clevamama has so many innovative and handy products for baby and I'm definitely purchasing more from them, you will see more of there products in posts in the future :)

Lots of Love

P.S. I just realised I need to organise my 'labels'! There all over the place ;) It will take me ages but I have time to lounge around before baby comes ;)

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Pregnancy Update: 28 weeks

Hey dolls,

My last update was at 25 weeks. Am I now in the third trimester?! Since then I've had a check up appointment with my GP and had a little bit of a scare which I will explain down further, so keep reading...
How far along? 28 weeks (and 2 days)
Total weight gain/measurement: I don't know, I haven't been getting weighed at my regular appointments and weighing myself I have no clue what change has occured. I've definitely put on a bit of weight though from the lack of exercise compared to before being pregnant and obviously a baby growing in a bubble go liquid inside me!! It's so strange!
Maternity clothes: Yes, I get my maternity wear from New Look and Asos. I definitely need more though! I'm still able to wear some tshirt tops from penneys (Primark) in my usual size that I had prior to baby bump!
Stretch marks: I think I'm getting a few more, I've noticed some on my legs by my knees, on my arms, my boobs and a bit more on my stomach! I need to keep moisturising! I'm not the best at doing regular skincare :( 
Sleep: I'm becoming increasingly more uncomfortable at night!i find it hard to sleep on my right side as my arm goes dead and numb, very uncomfortable! And turning over is a nightmare, I tend to wake up to turn over :( and comfort isn't the best as I find myself too warm so sleep half under my duvet and half out in the cold room :( so no cuddles for me. 
Best moment's so far: Oddly when I'm on my iPad and have one hand rested on my bump the baby kicks my hand :) it's nice to feel as I know he's ok :) we've started the nursery this week which is exciting but a few house renovations need to be done before the nursery can be finished so a bit of a delay in getting it done :( 
Miss anything? One of my friends recently moved to France, and another is working in the UK so I miss my girls nights out with them :( recently with stresses of work I really want a good night out and drinks :( 
Movement: A week ago baby stopped kicking :( I didn't get any kick for about 3 days. I rang the hospital to see if I needed to go in or go to my GP, the nurse advised at 27 weeks it's not something to be concerned about! I was very worried and then I felt baby move and I was ok! He's not kicking as often as he used to but his kicks are strong so I'm happy with that. 
Food cravings: this week I really want Mars bars and time out bars :) yum yum! I'm kind of going off Mars bars and only started wanting time outs :P I don't seem to crave anything though!?
Anything making you queasy or sick? No, I do have a bit of heartburn more recently. Nothing in particular sets it off but it's horrible :( I never used to get it before. 
Gender: it's a boy! Sometimes when I see cute girly dresses and tutus I want the baby to be a girl but I'm happy and excited that my boyfriend will have a mini him and a little buddy to pass on his gaming and comic obsession to ;) 
Labour signs: None, I've had an awful strong pain in my right side but after some tests done it appears to be normal pregnancy pains :( the pain has brought me to tears more than once, I can't walk sometimes when it gets really bad and I've almost fainted twice since getting this pain :( 
Symptoms: Emotional wreck, stress (I know I know it's bad), tired (from lack of sleep) and feeling huge!
Belly button in or out? In, and want it to stay in but it seems to be on the way out :( gross!
Swelling: I have had swelling in my hands and ankles! My fingers swell after sleeping and my ankles tingle and swell whenever! 
Happy or moody most of the time: I didn't think my moods had changed much from my normal self but I had some break down yesterday when I was accidentally hit in the knee with my hair dryer and then I hit myself in the chin with my iPad and started crying! Emotional wreck comes to mind ;) 
Looking forward to: Finishing up in work at the end of September! There's pros and cons to it, pro being I get to start getting the house ready for baby and relax at home. Con being I'll be unemployed with little income :( 

I have my glucose tolerance test on Tuesday (28 week checkup). Since 24 weeks my GP appointments are every 2 weeks, my next hospital appointment isn't until 32 weeks so I have 2 more GP appointments, then hospital, where I'm sure I'll be given lots of info to prepare for the birth! SCARY thought! Now that time is moving on I will probably do weekly updates as I'm sure my body is about to get a bit more hectic!! 

Friday, August 8, 2014

Pregnancy Update: 25 weeks

Hey dolls,

So it's been a while since I last blogged.. isn't pregnancy fun!? ;) As there is only 15 weeks left I will try to do an update every week to every second week. The last update I did was 10 weeks ago which is crazy!!

How far along? 25 weeks
Total weight gain/measurements: approximately 7-10 pounds (at a guess)!
Maternity clothes: Yep, I tend to wear a lot more maternity pants/jeans/leggings than tops! I purchased all my maternity clothes in New Look or on ASOS website. I don't have that much maternity wear but hope to stock up on a few more bits soon.
Stretch marks: As previously mentioned I already had stretch marks on my stomach and hips so it would be very difficult for me to tell if I'm getting new ones but I am currently using Vaseline Spray and Go Essential Moisture on my tummy to keep moisturised so my stretch marks don't stretch up to my neck ;) I've also purchased Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Tummy Butter for Stretch Mark's to see how it goes. It feels just like butter and is sooo smooth on! I will do a review of the product soon and link here.
Sleep: This past week or so I'm finding sleeping quite difficult. I'm quite sick this week with a cold so I'm sure that's causing some issue. I've been waking during the night to turn over, with the heat in the room it's hard to sleep too. 
Best moment's so far: found out that we're having a little boy on 16th July with a Gender Scan from Baby Scan clinic in Ballincollig in Cork. On 20th July I felt baby kick for the first time. I will post a review of my experience and link here this week.
Miss anything? I've missed being able to put on my own socks, get up off the couch and this week I've really missed going to the gym and exercising like I used to. I pass the gym to get home from work and sometimes I get sad that when I go back I'll be the newcomer again! ;) I was only getting used to it!
Movement: This is one active baby! During my 24 week check up and the nurse was checking the heartbeat he kicked her hand away! He's got quite a strong kick for 25 weeks! I feel him kicking a jerking a lot these days but at random out bursts throughout the day, so sometimes in the morning or in the evening.
Food cravings: I don't really have any cravings, I do like to have ice cream because it's VERY warm. I wouldn't consider myself craving anything in particular.
Anything making you queasy or sick? Everything and anything! I'm still throwing up (sorry if that's TMI) I think it's down to heart burn. I get very queasy at random things that would gross me out (e.g. spiders, if I get full up eating dinner too quick). The last time I was sick I burned my throat quite bad and am taking Strepsil Honey and Lemon Lozenges to ease the pain a bit because it's quite bad. I was advised by my nurse to take gaviscon too so hopefully that will help :)
Gender: Boy! I'm excited to be having a boy, but at the same time I see all these dad's with there little girls and it makes me sad that Dan (my boyfriend) won't have that, but as I've said he'll get a sidekick instead ;)
Labour signs: Nope! I've had a few pain's in my side but not labour related!
Symptoms: Emotional wreck, stress (I know I know it's bad), tired (from lack of sleep) and feeling huge!
Belly button in or out? In, and hope it stays that way!
Swelling: I have gotten swelling randomly in my ankles through the day and sometimes/rarely on my fingers/hands in the morning time!
Happy or moody most of the time: At the moment, I'm very stressed about getting organised for the baby so I'm very moody! I have happy swings thanks to my lovely boyfriend who know's how to make me happy! ;)
Looking forward to: Getting my glucose tolerance test over with in 3 weeks time! I have to have a blood test done, drink 400ml of Lucozade Original and sit in the waiting area of my GP's office for 2 hours doing nothing and then get another blood test done to see how my body breaks down the glucose in the drink naturally! Most pregnant women have to get this test done when there BMI is above a certain level! 

I'm also looking forward to sorting my financial worries (paying my car insurance) and starting to buy the remaining bits I've left to get baby!

I really wanted to have a baby shower, I've been pinning ideas for a long time (before I found out I was pregnant) but now that I am and can have one I lost interest, between money, and getting together all my different groups of friends and family I just don't want the hassle! I may put up a post in the following weeks of my dream baby shower and plan it out to keep myself occupied ;)

I'm not posting 'bump update' photo's because I don't have a cute bump! Just so you know ;)

Lots of Love

Monday, June 2, 2014

News to share... And Update

Hey Dolls,

I was planning on posting an announcement video Friday 9th May but here goes a bit late... I'm pregnant! So weird to be announcing it on here as I've known for some time but couldn't share anything online as a lot of family weren't aware til after the 12 week mark! I'm going to start posting stuff on my instagram relating to the topic, so you could check here for updates and there for pics!

I'm not sure yet if I'll be doing these posts weekly or every 4 weeks, as my track record with weekly posts is quite bad and also I can't see much changing body wise or anything in the first while so I may do every 2 weeks for now and weekly as time goes by. Let me know what you think :)

How far along? 15 weeks and 3 days.
Total weight gain/measurements: a few pounds (not 100% sure!).
I don't have access to a weighing scales unless I visit my parents which is normally in the evening time and bad time to try to get an accurate weight.
Maternity clothes: Not yet, some of my clothes are getting a little snug but that depends on the item of clothing and where I purchased it! I did recently purchase some maternity clothes on New Look and ASOS websites and will do a post on my purchases once they arrive ;)
Stretch marks: I already had stretch marks on my stomach and hips so it would be very difficult for me to tell if I'm getting new ones but I am currently using Vaseline Spray and Go Essential Moisture on my tummy, arms and legs to keep moisturised.
Sleep: I can't sleep in in the mornings any more which is very disappointing to me as I love my sleep! I find myself having to get up during the night less and more first thing in the morning when I'm slightly awake for bathroom breaks!
Best moment this week: Feeling a heartbeat/slight movement in my tum - not sure if it's my heartbeat or babies!! ha. It was also Daniel's birthday this week so we went out for Date Night Saturday.
Miss anything? Energy and I guess I would say going to the gym! It gave me energy and a feel good factor that I won't get for a while :( 
Movement: I think I slightly felt movement in the cinema when we went to see the new X-men movie but I can't be sure - it's still a bit early to tell!
Food cravings: Ice cream was a craving the first few weeks when I had bad sickness And now I'm madly craving gravy fries! I'm obsessed with gravy fries at the moment! I'm also slightly wanting BBQ food more ;)
Anything making you queasy or sick? Diet Coke used to make me so sick in the early weeks but that's gone now! Nothing in particular would make me sick but at random times I'd find myself needing to take a step back and just relaxing to not get sick. I would normally be sick in the evening time too which sucked but was good in terms of work! I could say cleaning makes me sick (happened Saturday) but I guess things that normally gross me out would set me off!
Gender: Unknown - we will be finding out but it won't be until July when we can know :(
Labour signs: Nope!
Symptoms: Tired, emotional, not queasy or sick that much.
Belly button in or out? In, and hope it stays that way!
Wedding rings on or off? Not married!! So from now on I'm just going to remove this question ;)
Happy or moody most of the time: Moody ;) My poor boyfriend :P
Looking forward to: My 20 week appointment! I had my first 12 weeks scan and found out I was only 9 and half weeks along so had to go back for another12 week/dating scan to find out when baby is due! We found out we have a very active baby!

Keep an eye out here for more updates and reviews of products etc.

Lots of Love

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

News coming Friday: Watch this space!

Hey dolls,

I'll be back this Friday with a new post! I'm having a very busy week this week but will definitely have my laptop back from my boyfriend for a bit to post my news (if you haven't already seen on my instagram). I will hopefully have a post up a week going forward (not just related to my news).

You can also keep updated with my twitter (on the right hand side of screen).

Hope your still reading my posts ;)

If you link my blog (I know it's been quiet lately) please share with friends or tweet about it! It would be great to reach 200 followers because I'm so close!!

Update: Friday changed to Monday ;)

Lots of Love

Monday, April 14, 2014

I'll be back!

Hey dolls,

Sorry I've been so MIA lately :( It's really hard to blog at the moment but I promise all will be back on track soon and I will stick with my new years resolution of blogging more ;) I hope you understand and don't miss me too much!

While your waiting check out my upcoming posts here on my tabs!

Lots of Love

Sunday, April 6, 2014


Hey dolls,

Sorry I'm so MIA at the moment! I'll explain all at the end of the month but right now time for me :(

Lots of love

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

MIA :(

Hey dolls,

So my new years resolution to blog more has dramatically failed! Its the 11th March already and haven't done a post in a while! Due to the fact I've been quite sick, not motivated, busy and lazy (and my boyfriend thinks my laptop is his :P). I will have a post up over the long bank holiday weekend for you, a FOTN/Look or just an update on goings on or something! Not too well planned right now but it's only Tuesday and I've got time ;)

Lots of Love

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Where am I?

Hey dolls, 

I've failed miserably at blogging this month! I've been focusing a lot on catching up with friends, my health and my weightloss goal! So I've been going to the gym a few times this month and I've been super ridiculously busy with work doing lots of overtime! :( 

I will have a new post up on Saturday, maybe a catch up or makeup look (haven't done one if those in AGES!). I also really want to get some new makeup, benefit, Estée Lauder, Lancôme and Clarins but money is on strict lockdown leading up to my holiday! I'm planning to lose 3 dress sizes for my holiday in September so if I lose weight I will treat myself as time goes on :) 

Also I have to postpone my blog giveaway :( but will defo be having one this year, just not at the mo :( 

I'm currently sitting on the couch,wrapped in a blanket watching Charmed, whoo daytime TV! I've got the flu :( not great timing since the first case of swine flu was confirmed in Cork this week!! Feeling like poo's so hope to be better before the 30th I'm going to on Saturday!!

Lots of Love

Monday, February 10, 2014

Want to know more...

1. I'm growing my hair long for my wedding day (but I'm not engaged (yet)!).

2. It takes my hair a loooong time to grow!

3. I'm a very fussy eater so I find it hard to diet.

4. I blend pasta sauces before eating them because I
don't like the bits of onion and tomato!

5. I rarely use moisturiser and I'm very bad at skincare!

6. I miss my parents now that I live out of home!

7. I've had an epiphany of the importance of drinking water but I don't like water :(

8. I drink tea so I can have yummy biscuits (current obsession custard creams).

9. I rarely wear makeup during the day - I get up too late for work :(

10. I love putting my hair up in a top knot, my lazy go to hairstyle.

11. I love wearing fake tan but can never apply it 100% properly and it always comes off onto my clothes :(

12. I don't naturally tan easily - I have quite pale skin.

13. I have 3 tattoos and I have two more planned.

14. I don't like going out at the moment due to lack of body confidence! I don't mind going to work or friends house but other than that I just want to curl up and hide :(

15. I turn 25 this year but feel like I'm turning 55!

16. I go to the cinema way too often!

17. I've recently become obsessed with Baileys!

18. I think I suffer from depression or I'm overly hormonal :(

19. I love blogging but sometimes find it hard to find motivation due to lack of time or inspiration.

20. My boyfriend is my strength!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Giveaway Anyone? - Coming Soon (POSTPONED)

Hey doll,

I'm planning a new giveaway! I only did one other giveaway when my blog reached 1 year old. It wasn't the greatest giveaway but I had lots of entries a lovely reader and great former blogger, Lorraine Garcia (@luhreyn), won. I'm not 100% sure what it will include but I am planning away getting inspiration in numerous places and websites! The giveaway will be at the end of February or early March (once I physically have the prizes) so keep an eye out here on my blog or my twitter @lushblush21

This giveaway will include brands like Khroma Beauty (Kardashian make up range), Balmi, Tweezerman, Butter London, Sleek, Cocoa Brown and some more goodies. (The named brands are not 100% confirmed yet but I will have definitely some of these goodies for grabs!)

I may do a double giveaway so there will be two winners, a main prize and a mini one. Or a main prize and a few mini ones! Let me know which you'd prefer in the comments :)

Keep in mind there will be a few rules to follow (not tough or anything) and the competition will be open internationally so wherever you live there is no restriction.

Tell your friends ;)

Lots of Love

UPDATE: postponed until further notice - budget tightened due to holidays and other upcoming expenses!! 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Project Weightloss

Hi Doll,

I joined the gym on Tuesday, but got two new two tattoo's and couldn't wear a bra for a few days so no gym for me!

I'm back to work tomorrow after a few days off so I'm going to be going to the gym straight after work. Back to the hard work! I'm glad to be going back to a routine because I will feel better and healthier and fitter!

Lots of Love

Catch up with The Saturdays

Hi Doll

Ages ago I posted about The Saturdays Una and Rochelle's wedding's here. In that post I was wondering who would be getting married next, Frankie, Molly or Vanessa.

Since that post, Una had a baby girl Aoife Belle, Rochelle had a baby girl Alaia-Mai and Frankie had a baby boy Parker.
Una, hubby Ben Foden and baby Aoife Belle
Aoife Belle was born on Tuesday 13th March, 2012.

Hubby former JLS member Marvin Humes, baby Alaia-Mai and Rochelle
Alaia-Mai was born on Monday 20th May, 2013.
Frankie, baby Parker and footballer fiance Wayne Bridge
The first boy born into The Saturdays's family, Parker, was born Friday 18th October, 2013.

Weirdly, about two weeks ago I was cleaning with a music channel on TV in the background and the S Club Juniors songs came on (the band Rochelle and Frankie were in as kids). Being a huge fan of theirs in the younger years I looked up the band members on twitter and instagram! I found out that 4 of the 5 girls of the band all have children or are expecting! How weird!

l-r: Daisy, Stacey, Aaron, Calvin, Hannah, Frankie, Rochelle and Jay
Daisy Evans with Fiance Jonjo Shelvey expecting a baby together
Picture from Twitter
Hannah Richings with her baby girl Poppy and boy Finlay
Picture from Twitter
Stacey McClean - currently final girl in S Club Juniors
not with expecting or has a baby
Picture from Twitter
Lots of Love

Double Date - Double Anniversary

Hi Doll,

I just posted about our three year anniversary here. Last Night (Saturday) we went out for dinner with our bestie's Caroline and John. We went to the Texas Steakout restaurant in Limerick. We collected them from the Woodlands Hotel at 7.45pm and went straight to the restaurant, once again parking was a nightmare (worse because it was a Saturday night)! We had some amazing food, we all had starters and main course and Caroline and I had desert. The food was delicious and very nice. The restaurant was nicely decorated, with the bumpy floors I'd advise to be careful for women in heels ;)

I wore my black and white heart shirt with a black vest top underneath, black leggings and blue wedge heels (I didn't take any pics unfortunately). I wore diamand stud earrings, and a diamond bracelet.

My desert - Profiteroles
Sex on the Beach Cocktail
 We had some delicious cocktails with our dinner also. I had sex on the beach, Caroline had a fuzzy navel cocktail and a bailey's coffee, John had cider and Daniel doesn't drink so he settled for water!

After dinner we headed for the Cornstore Restaurant in Limerick for a drink (John's brother works there so he wanted to pop in and say hi). First, we popped into a different pub down the road.
Me, Daniel, Caroline and John
We went into the Cornstore and had these Berry Rosemary luxury cocktails! They are described as 'Rosemary infused Amaretto, fresh wild berries, fresh lime juice & cranberry juice'. As you can see the top of the cocktail is layered with fresh fruit. The drink was delicious but it was full of fruit bits (which I hate) so wasn't loving it too much! These cocktails cost €9.95.

We had a great night in the restaurant and the pubs! It's not too often we head out for dinner in the city :) There are a few restaurants we are looking at trying in the future :)

Lots of Love


Hi doll,

So Wednesday 22nd January was my 3 year anniversary with Daniel (boyfriend). As I had booked the week off work, we had a reservation for Jasmine Palace, a chinese restaurant in Limerick. Dan drove into the city, parking was a nightmare so we just made it on time for our reservation. We had starters, main course and desert. The restaurant has changed inside, they have a new buffet area where the waiting bar area used to be! The interior decor in the restaurant is amazing, such nice ambiance! I find some of the staff in there to be a bit stuck up but it is a nice restaurant and we enjoy the food a lot.

Me and Daniel before leaving for dinner
I wore my navy body con ruched navy dress from New Look with pink suede wedge heels and a pink blazer. I also wore gold trim pink earrings. I curled my hair using my new babyliss curling wand.

The makeup products I used are:
Foundation - Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid in 10 (ivory)
Under Eye Concealer - Maybelline Fit Me! Shine Free Foundation in 115 (ivory)
Powder - Maybelline Fit Me! Pressed Powder in 115 (ivory)
Blusher - Benefit Box-O-Powder in Coralista
Bronzer - Benefit Box-O-Powder in 10 (bronzer only)

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette
Base Colour - Buzz
Crease Colour - Liar
Crease & Liner Colour - Blackheart
Highlight Colour -  Dust
Upper Lashes - Clinique Mascara
Lower Lashes - Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

Benefit Brow Zings in Medium
Miss Sporty Just Clear Mascara

Benefit Cupids Bow
Revlon Lipstick in Pink Pout

For my eyes I used Joanne Larby (The Make Up Fairy's) Naked 3 tutorial. (watch here on YouTube). I got a shout out on her Facebook page and her instagram for trying out her look! :D

More photo's from the evening...

I loved the flower in the bowl - so pretty
Daniel in front of the amazing wall
Me by the amazing wall
Daniel's desert - sticky toffee pudding
My desert - scoop of chocolate and vanilla ice cream

We were planning to go to the cinema but we weren't too pushed to see any of the movies currently out so we came home and watched a movie on the couch in our pj's instead.

Lots of Love