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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Cluck cluck... It's Hen Time!

Hi Dolls,

So mid June I had my very first Hen Party! The excitement leading up to this event was ridiculous! Lots of drama for me beforehand but it wouldn't be an event it didn't!

So the Hen was on 11th June in Cork City. The morning started off pretty lazy to be honest! I had to unpack from my holiday the prior week (by unpack I mean find the essentials - GHD, makeup) and repack for the hen. Of course in the last 30 mins before I was due to leave I packed my bag, straightened my hair and off I went (makeup free eek!). I got a snap from the bride/hen who had her hair and makeup done to the theme of the hen and with my hair like a frizz ball and no makeup on I was freaking lol! I quickly straightened my hair so I'd look some bit human and put in my red bandana (I also had Penneys red "converse" on).
Sabrina and I (and the wine!)
Some of us hen's got the train to Cork from Charleville. The Hen, Caroline, her sisters Elaine and Sabrina and myself got the train together. Elaine is the Maid of Honor and Sabrina a Bridesmaid. When on the train, annoyingly others had sat in our pre-booked seats, so we had to ask them to move! Once all seated Sabrina broke out the cutest hen party bags for us! We of course had to have an immediate nose inside! I'm raging I didn't get a pic of the contents. The bags each had a personalised tag, inside there was a small bottle of wine (yummy), a dare card, a willy stray, polo mints, tayto crisps, plaster, paracetamol, a "Hen Party"/"Bridesmaid" sash and a photo prop. These were such a thoughtful and cute idea and so easy to DIY!
Once we arrived in Cork's Kent Station we got a taxi to the hotel. We stayed in the Clarion Hotel. Once we arrived we checked in and went straight to our rooms. I had room 406 with Sarah and Danielle (the Hen's cousins), the Bride had room 405 with her sisters, and 404 was also occupied by us! We had our rooms next to each other which was super handy! And the bride's room had amazing views and big open windows). Each room was stocked with the usual teas, coffees, biscuits, shower stuff and an added bonus was bottles of water for the hangovers the next morning ;)

As the girls had their hair and makeup done, I jumped straight in to fixing my hair and makeup. Sarah and Danielle arrived and we got chatting to get to know each other better while they got ready. We all got dressed and were ready to go! While some finishing touches were added I popped out the Prosecco! I bought some plastic champagne flutes from Tesco which were super handy!
(L-R) Elaine, Danielle, Caroline and Sabrina
We had a 3 course meal in the hotel's restaurant Kudos (we were sat in the lobby of the hotel which was a bit weird lol). The food was delicious and very filling. We had a few drinks with dinner. Once that was finished we got a taxi to the Mardyke Entertainment Complex. We began with a cocktail making glass in The Porterhouse (one of four bars in the complex). Our bartender was Michelle (I think). We had some champagne to start, then Mojito's, then Cosmo's (my fave!) and then we had a shot like a baby Guinness but with different ingredients. Yum yum and yum. That was a lot of fun!
Once the shots were had it was time for Karaoke. We headed upstairs, grabbed a drink and headed up to our private karaoke pod. We set up a few songs to play and after about 15 minutes in burst a stripper! The hen was not impressed (at the beginning) because she specifically said no, but she had to have some surprise through the night ;) hehe.
Very patriotic with his Irish flag!
After the Karaoke, we headed towards to Bowery. At this point I snuck back to the hotel in a taxi to change into my flats! I couldn't enjoy the night anymore in my heels :( I met the girls back in the Bowery. The hotel arranged for a reserved area with a bottle of Champers (if we got there before 11pm). We had a dance, drinks and some dare's were carried out! I won't disclose more ;)

We then moved on Reardan's, we passed through and went straight for the que to the night club. After a bit of a dance, and making our way to the overcrowded Secret Garden, some of us headed back to the hotel! It was such a brilliant night! The next morning we all headed for breakfast in the hotel and caught up on the night before! I had an absolute brill time and I'm sure the other ladies did too!

Close up of hair and makeup
Dress: New Look (link)

Lots of Love

Birthday Wish List

Hey dolls,

I'm baaaaack! It's been a while since I blogged I just find it so hard to find time to blog and find inspiration and the energy to sit in front of a computer - I sit in front of a computer all day at work!

Another year, another birthday. So I'm 27 on Sunday, that's a scary thought! Only 3 years from 30, the mid life crisis, the panic for the future and all that! Yikes lol.

I'm mainly writing this post to show you guys and girls what my birthday wish list is, but sadly I probably won't get anything close to what's on my list!

This is my 3rd attempt at doing this post and my birthday was yesterday so a bit of a fail but I'm going to go with it anyway! :P

Avya Foundation Brush

Waxperts Ingrown Hair Pads and Beautiful Body Oil

HairBurst Gummies

Mini V Nutrition Supplements

Hairfinity Hair Vitamins

Kylie Cosmetics Lip Products

Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit
 (All pics from Instagram with account names in each pic)

I've been lusting after some of these products for a long time and they always pop up on my social media news feeds. Another one I really want is the Aurora Hair Night Curler, this would be so handy as a busy mom to have luscious hair so easily!

Lots of Love

Saturday, May 28, 2016

My "baby" is 18 months old!

Where as the time gone? Am I right mom's?

The time flies and you have no idea how fast until you have or know of babies! And by know of I mean your friend or family member has a child you see regularly growing up!

My baby is well and truly gone :( time for another! Lol just kidding (for now). Alex is such an independent toddler there is no baby left in him except for the dummy ;)

Alex has changed so much even in the past six months, some ways more difficult than others, which you will be able to read about as you read more...

Milestones: Alex now has 10 teeth now, 6 on top and 4 on the bottom. He is currently teething with another two on the right side and maybe another on the right! Alex is happily running around like a loon and refuses to hold hands most of the time. He'll only hold your hand if you "trick him" by holding his hand when you put him down or take him out of the car or if he's in an unknown place!

Sleep: He's still waking during the night, it's very rare he'll sleep through the night :( Some nights are worse than others. Reasons for this being hunger, unable to settle himself, feeling of abandonment, teething, and old reasons being a cough! I'm hoping that moving forward this will improve but I don't know...
"I am One"
Best Moment: I have to admit the best moment for me is seeing him progress every day and be happy! His speech isn't where I think it should be for his age but you forget how young he is when he began walking and grew so quickly in other ways! Seeing Alex have passion in different things (cars, tractors, Curious George) makes me so proud!

Worst Moment: The nighttime waking! I'm to the point where I don't know what to do! He gets his daily naps, is fed well and goes to bed not too early not too late, but I don't know what to do! He wakes up crying very upset when he's on his own at the moment and when he wakes he looks for a bottle to settle him because he's hungry! We're trying to let him settle himself but when he is very upset it's hard :(
Cool Dude
Health: Alex had a very bad cough which I mentioned in previous update posts. We bought him a salt therapy machine for his bedroom. It is AMAZING! The noise it makes it's very light and soothing, there is almost no noise at all. The salt filter needs to be changed every 4-5 months. In the beginning, we had the machine on for a full week, then from there we do every 2nd or 3rd night just to keep it going. The machine has been amazing and he hasn't had one cough or stuffy nose since!

Eating: He would eat us out of house and home! lol. He eats almost everything, and I say almost because there is some things he used to eat but won't anymore or some foods that he wouldn't have often so wouldn't be the biggest fan! He loves cheese, pasta and bananas! He also loves his chocolate treats!!
Loves his tractors!
Things I Want to Remember: I want to remember how small he was and still is, I want to remember his smile, and what makes him smile. I want to look back in years to come at the small things and remember what it was like for him for the first time, like putting on shoes or brushing his teeth. I want to remember how happy he is swimming with his Dad, or playing in a car, or watching the tractors!
You can catch up on all of Alex's baby updates here.

Lots of Love

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Home Decor Series: Wardrobe Goals ♥

Hi Dolls,

I haven't posted in a while for many reasons I won't ramble into (motherhood, working full time job, lack of inspiration, disorganised mess...).

At the moment, we are in talks of extending the house we live in but there is so much to go along with the planning process so it's going very slow. Because this is majorly on my brain at the moment I've been pinning like a mad person on my Pinterest whenever I have an epiphany of what I'm imagining at the time e.g. bathroom storage, games room, kitchen storage, laundry room and so on!

I'm obsessed with having the perfect, romantic, clutter free, neutral, calm and clean master bedroom I can imagine. This involves me having no wardrobes in the room. And because I have so much junk (I saw junk but I mean stuff) like products, clothes, shoes, accessories, childhood memorabilia I will never part with (you know that 21 teddy or flute glass, and the special gifts you received and can't part with).

I've decided to do a wardrobe goals post because I've found some really nice inspiration on Pinterest with how to layout a wardrobe and how it can look. So here goes...

As you can see I'm very into my white finish and I need a lot of hanging space (for what who knows!). I have jumpers, dresses, shirts... and weirdly I don't wear a lot of dresses or things that require hanging but maybe it's from lack of wardrobe space?!

I need the following bad storage in my life! My bags are currently thrown into the back of my wardrobe and all messy and just gathering dust!

This shoe display is goals! If I had really nice shoes I totally would love to do this in my wardrobe!

Lots of Love

Friday, April 8, 2016

Planning Ahead

Hey Dolls,

So recently my boyfriend went away on an overnight trip to Manchester (as part of his 30th Birthday present). He brought me back a bottle of Jimmy Choo by Jimmy Choo perfume or Eau De Parfam ;) It's not very often he gets the gift department right, even if I put together a wish list somehow the gifting seems to go wrong! (my fault obviously!)

So I've decided to compile a wish list on my blog that family / friends / boyfriend can go and view my current "wants" and if I put a makeup item I will specify all the shades from this item I want in order of preference.

This will either be a blog post or I'm thinking of a tab across the top of my blog. The blog needs freshening up, but I'm stuck on the banner! I won't get into that now.

My current wish list consists of hair curlers / wavers (I'm kind of over the dead straight hair look at the mo!), products from Lime Crime, Mac, Benefit, Nars, along with clothes from New Look, Asos, Misguided and Boohoo, and some house hold goodies from Next ;)

I will notify my Social Media accounts when this has been actioned (hopefully over the weekend or for sure by next Wednesday) so keep an eye out. You can find my Social Media usernames on the tab here.

Lots of Love

Sunday, April 3, 2016

About Me - 25 Questions Answered

Hi Dolls,

I love getting to know other bloggers so decided to share some bits of info about myself! Have a read, feel free to copy the questions and post on your blog to share more about you! (tag your post in my comments so I can have a read ;))

1. What is your middle name? Ann Marie (my real name is Katherine, Kathy for short ;))
2. What was your favourite subject in School? Biology! I was obsessed with Biology and I wanted it to be a career at one point, until I realised I'd have to move away for college! lol
3. What is your favourite drink? Diet Coke for sure!
4. What is your favourite song at the moment? Zara Larrson - Lush Life is my holiday song! Every time I hear it I think of my holiday in August!
5. What is your favourite food? Gravy Chips and Cheesy Doritos! I also do love a good chinese ;)
6. What is the last thing you bought? I bought my son a hoody zip up jumper and shorts for summer. I'm going shopping today, might do a haul alter ;)
7. Favourite Book of all time? I'm not a big reader!
8. Favourite Colour? Grey (atm) I'm normally a pink fan! lol
9. Do you have any pets? Nope, I'm contemplating getting a dog but I don't think it will work at the moment with our work schedules and having a toddler, but we'll see!
10. Favourite Perfume? I'm loving Juicy Coutures I Am Juicy Couture at the moment, I got it from my parents as a gift from a recent trip :)
11. Favourite Holiday? Christmas for sure! I find it to be a romantic holiday, along with a great excuse to see family and friends (not that you need an excuse)!
12. Are you married? No but would love to be (that's no secret).
13. Have you ever been out of the country? Yes, the last time was last year when we went to the UK.
14. Do you speak any other language? I learned Irish and French in school, my French was shocking and I've pretty much forgotten my Irish but I'm sure it will come back!
 15. How many siblings do you have? I have one older sister and one younger brother
16. What is your favourite shop? New Look and Asos are my two faves (atm)
17. Favourite restaurant? Wagamamas (chicken katsu curry YUM)
18. When was the last time you cried? Yesterday, over something stupid!
19. Favourite Blog? I have a few, you can check out the list here.
20. Favourite Movie? I don't currently have one :( Need to start watching movies again!
21. Favourite TV Shows? Hawaii 5-0, Code Black, Chicago Fire, Elementary, Pretty Little Liars (Shows I watch with the man in my life are Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash (do you see a trend here? lol))
22. PC or MAC? Can I say both? I use PC at home and MAC at work!
23. What phone do you have? I have an iphone 5C, but I'm dying to get my hands on a rose gold iPhone SE.
25. Can you cook? Yes, if I tried! I wouldn't be the best though.

Lots of Love

Blogger Issues!

Hi Dolls,

I normally start my blog posts with a title, which gives me direction as to where I'm going with this, but this is a bit of a random one full of bits (lol). So here goes...

I've been MIA from my blog for quite some time for various reasons, including:
  • being a mom!
  • being a working mom
  • my eyelashes are curling inward :(
To explain these better, being a mom is hard and takes up most of your time, and working on top of that makes any personal time very difficult! I can't use my laptop when my son is awake at the moment because he always tries to pull the screen back or press the keys, which you can imagine isn't ideal if your trying to write a post or do anything!

It's hard to do beauty posts, when I'm not a makeup artist, and I've had problems with my eyes for the last few years since college, resulting in my eyelids to swell and my eyes to be covered stuff that makes my eye sight blurry (probably conjunctivitis). It stopped for a long time but since then my eye lashes began to straighten out, and more recently I noticed my left eye my lashes are curling downward!

It's hard to find motivation to blog when most of my time is consumed with my son, and keeping the house a home (normally every day chores). When I get home in the evening I have just about 2 hours with Alex before it's bed time and from there I make dinner and have an hour to myself before bed (shower, eat dinner, watch a show).

Once I get chores and that on track I will definitely try to keep up regular blogging and from here will try to do a post a week. It would be great to know what you want to see?

My social media accounts are normally always updated each day so don't forget to follow me there!

I will be back to my regular self again and will blog, and snap, and share more about me!

Lots of Love

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

I'm Still Alive!

Hi Dolls,

I'm still alive! I've slightly abandoned my blog for a short time! I hope to have some posts up soon - just need to find some me time to do it. Alex is always trying to pull and tug at the laptop and when trying to show him how it works he just slams and pulls at the keys... the joys of a frustrated 14 months old!

I will be back soon with some updates and reviews!

Lots of Love

Monday, January 18, 2016

Visiting Santa

Hi Dolls,

Alex visit Santa yesterday at my mom's work children's party. So we rocked up to Santa's Grotto (which you had to walk through a dark room lit with Christmas lights) and there was good ole Santa sitting in the corner!

Alex was very unsure of who this strange man was! As it was my mom and dad's Santa pic tried to hand Alex to my mom and he was holding on tight and slightly whined but he was ok once he knew I was handing him to his Nana.

A photographer took a picture and I took these - 

As you can see Alex curled into my mom (he does this when he's shy) so I couldn't get one of his face! But I hope the one the photographer got was nice! lol

We took Alex to see Santa too in the Crescent Shopping Centre on Sunday 20th. We dressed him up in his Elf costume (from Mothercare) and went off into the shops. It was SO busy! We realised after not too long that this was the one day all the Travelers go into the shopping centre, visit Santa, do there shopping and dress up! We went straight for Santa's Grotto but it was such a waste because the que was 2 hours long! No chance were we standing there - and no way Alex would have been patient enough! We walked around did some last minute Christmas shopping and went home!

 So we went to see Santa AGAIN Tuesday morning, we went first thing in the morning to que before the grotto opened. There was just us and another lady with her son. They were actually just collecting pictures so we were first in! Due to the 10 minute delay of them opening late they let us in for free considering we didn't want any gift from Santa. We choose not to give Alex a gift because his birthday was at the end of November and we knew he'd get a lot more for Christmas so said we'd leave it behind!

When we got around the corner and spoke with the photographer while he set up his camera he told us we were lucky we didn't go on Sunday because it was so crowded and some kid tied the rope onto his dad, without the dad noticing he walked on and pulled the whole place down! The place was trashed!  And they broke the Christmas Tree in the centre... anyway back to it! So when we went to take the pic with Santa Alex started pulled my jumper, my hair and wouldn't go near him! The picture turned out a lot nicer than I expected :) I really wanted to get Alex and Santa alone too but NO CHANCE! Alex would have gotten way too upset for my liking so we didn't even try! When we were getting the docket to collect our pics, I took Alex to look at some of the Grotto decorations and then we turned around almost ready to leave and then he waves at Santa... seriously kid!! He's so funny :P
Lots of Love

What I got for Christmas 2015

Hi Dolls,

This post is so delayed but I actually wrote the whole thing one day and just needed to insert the images and just now I went to put the images in and post it and the post was gone!

Here goes again! lol.

So Christmas morning myself and Daniel woke at 7am, we heard a blip on the baby monitor and so presumed this was Alex waking for the day... we came downstairs and he was still asleep! By 8am we said screw this and started opening pressies :)

Daniel got a new hoody, Football Manager 2016 on PC, a new Toshiba laptop, a lynx shower set and a batman car you had to build yourself.

So the top image what my boyfriend got me for Christmas, or should I say Santa ;):
Ted Baker Treasure Chest - this Boots Christmas set includes: Body Wash, A Bar of Soap, Hand Cream, Bubbly Bath, Body Spray, and Body Lotion.
Ted Baker Mini Treasures - this Boots Christmas set includes: Bubble Bath, Body Souffle, Body Spray, and Body Wash.
Magnetic Key Target Board - The "Novelty" gift
Halfords Micro USB Phone Charger
Three DVDs; American Sniper, Finding Nemo and Big Hero 6 - I told Dan if he was going to get me DVDs keep Alex in mind because the movies I wanted to see weren't exactly DVD own worthy more like rent a movie once worthy!

So when asked what I wanted for Christmas, this year I really didn't want anything. Of course I need a lot of things but didn't want anything! When I looked around A LOT, I managed to spot the Ted Baker range in Boots. I had my eye on the Body Souffle, Body Lotion and because it was 3 for 2 needed to pick one more so picked the body spray! I made him take pics on his phone and all so he'd know exactly which ones to get!

I woke up Christmas morning to gift sets - I was not a happy camper! To be completely honest I had a mini tantrum moment :( I didn't want anything for Christmas because anything I "wanted" I didn't need and felt needs were more important. As a mom, I felt like I didn't have time to have all these luxurious lotions and potions and to actually use them! I have shed loads of Soap and Glory products up in my room that I haven't gotten around to using and will probably have to bin some :( Now don't get me wrong, I know the stuff I wanted is in each gift set but it's all the extras I didn't want/need! AND The body souffle I wanted is NOT the same as the one in the set (the packaging is different!).

The phone charger also left me feeling annoyed because I already have/had a phone charger but the boyfriend lost it! So he felt he should return it - yes this is nice and considerate but in my minds its a waste of money when you could just look for the lost charger (which turned up soon after Christmas!). AND to top off my dislike for this gift, it doesn't fit my iPhone!

Onto gifts from others...
Baylis and Harding Beauticology Set - includes foot lotion, foot soak crystals and fluffy socks
Soap and Glory Scents of Occasion
Seventeen Mini Lip Gloss Set
Nip+Fab Viper Venom Duo Set
I also received Urban Decay's Revolution Lipstick in Obsession and Urban Decay's Naked 2 Basics Palette from my Sister and a Boots voucher from my Brother. We got a house hamper from my parents (full of cleaning products, vouchers for food and petrol, and Shower goodies for each one of us. We got a foodie hamper from Daniel's parents that was full of candles, fluffy socks, chocolate, selection boxes, coke and more! I forgot to take pics of these and now that they are all unpacked it's too late!! 

Just to note: this is NOT me bragging in anyway, I'm just sharing because I love seeing these posts on others blogs so thought I'd share mine!

Lots of Love

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

I saw a Psychic Medium!

Hi dolls,

This is just a quick post! I went to see psychic medium Peter Matthew last night with my friends. Four of us went and each went individually into a dark room for 40 minutes while we spoke to him.

I went third, and my mom's dad came through, my granddad. Which I was a bit surprised by considering I was just gone 6 when he passed away. I do have some memories of him but would have expected one of my Nana's to come through as I knew them more.

He began by describing a man with rough large hands that would have done a lot of work in his time, and spoke about big work boots, that he wore jumpers with the shirt hanging out, he was like a father figure but wasn't my dad etc.

The things he told me, some made sense, other stuff didn't make sense. When I got home and told my parents my dad wasn't into that kind of stuff but my mom was listening and a bit shocked by some of the stuff I was recalling like the jumper and dogs and other things.

Peter said my granddad kept going at his nose but asked him to stop and when I mentioned that to my mom she told me my granddad used to get very bad nose bleeds.

He also asked was the Bush/Australia significant in any way - my uncle currently lives there.

There was so much more, I won't post it all on here but it was so weird the things he could tell me about my grandparents house - he described my Nan's sitting room/kitchen area and how she made cups of tea!

I really do believe the €60 was worth it.

My dad's mom passed away in 2011, I would have liked to hear she was ok, but it was my maternal grandparents came through only.

My granddad was a stronger presence but my Nana was there too.

It is so weird, such a weird feeling but it is definitely worth looking into!

One thing that is important to note is, anyone can come through. Someone you know, or someone you don't know but knows someone you know! So it may not even be information for you, but for someone you know that they want to pass on!

I was told about my past which is noted above and my future - I'll keep that under wraps in case it doesn't happen but it would be nice ;)

Lots of Love

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Happy Holidays - My Christmas

Happy Holidays Everyone!

This year Christmas was scattered again between Limerick and Cork. I spent a few days before Christmas in Cork as I had some time of work and wanted to see my friends who came home for Christmas. 

We had a night out in the city on the 23rd. This was just like old times with most of us back together for some drinks and good times! We had some pre drinks at a friends house and headed into the Crane Lane. Some of the night is a bit blurry for me ;) Drinks were flowing :P

As you can imagine I woke up Christmas Eve feeling a little sensitive! I ate some toast and drank some water/Coke/Sprite (bad idea) anything to help squash the queasiness! Christmas Eve I spent a lot of the day with my mom and son. I visit my grandparents and other relatives graves with my dad today instead of Christmas Day like the 14 year tradition before that because I wouldn't be down till late Christmas Day. It's the first year in a long time my dad didn't visit his parents grave on Christmas :(

We headed home to spend the remainder of Christmas Eve with my boyfriend and Alex's dad Daniel. We visit his parents house (trying to turn this into a tradition, but this may fail!). It was a pretty chill affair with no Christmas movies and not much munching on goodies so was a little bit of a let down this year but sur we spent it with family which was nice.

When we got home, Alex went to bed around 9. Santa arrived and myself and Dan went to bed around 10.

Christmas morning we could hear Alex on the monitor around 7am so decided to get up (thinking he was awake!). Of course he was still asleep so we sat and waited... We got impatient and opened our gifts to each other :) I was a little bit annoyed by one or two of my gifts which will be explained in my what I got post ;)

Alex finally woke at 9.30am! We brought him out to the sitting room and put him down so he could walk over to all his lovely gifts from Santa. I was over by the tree trying to record his reaction but my camera wasn't filming :( It took him a minute or two to wake up and realise that there was like a mini toy shop in our sitting room all for him!

He walked over with his daddy and we started to open some presents. He was so happy and played with almost everything :) I say almost because there was so much there!

This Christmas Santa went a bit overboard for our little tot but I will have to have a word with him next Christmas because Alex would be happy out with a few toys, but wouldn't need loads. He was gifted with presents from family and friends too so he was spoiled a lot this year!

As he will be two next Christmas and a little more clued in from then on I don't want Santa setting the  bar too high for future years! I remember one year we got loads of toys and the following year got less more expensive stuff and I was a bit cranky with Santa - not knowing that the gifts were of the same value altogether but due to the fact there was more the previous year I wasn't happy ;)

After we opened presents, Alex was worn out so he had a nap after breakfast.

We went to Dan's parents house for dinner this year (my first year without my mom's cooking!). We got there after 12 and swapped presents. We had dinner around 3 - I was not impressed there was no croquettes :P lol. I brought my own stuffing to share with Daniel's sister because neither of us like onions! 

After dinner Alex was a bit tired so we decided to head away because we knew he'd sleep in the car! We drove to Cork to spend the remainder of the day with my family.

When we arrived, it was just my parents and brother, my uncle was just leaving.

My brother spent the majority of the day playing Football Manager on his laptop, Daniel spent a lot of time setting up his new laptop and I spent a lot of the day running around after a little handful ;)  Christmas with a baby/toddler is VERY different than without! Mainly good different but last year and this year I spent dinner time tending to a baby who woke from a nap wanting a bottle just as I tucked into dinner and this year spent dinner entertaining/feeding a tired bubs! Alex didn't go to bed until late Christmas night because he was overtired and had too much energy! There wasn't a lot of over eating, or Christmas shows on TV. We watched a bit of a b rated Christmas TV movie and had desert at my parents house. We all ended up in bed around 11!

*Blurry* Zooming around the kitchen in his new race car!
The next morning I wanted to go shopping but hate sales so totally avoided that situation lol. The weather wasn't great so we stayed in! Mom was sick, I was coming down with something too. Our family Christmas dinner was technically the 26th as my sister and her partner arrived and we were there but my brother was working. We had another Christmas style dinner ;) Yum yum!

We went home on the 28th because we were all very tired and sick so we said we'd give everyone a rest and take the little man home! I was also dying to take down the tree and decorations because I wanted the house to be back to normal, decluttered and have space for all Alex's new toys! 

Last Waterbabies class of 2015! 
I will go through a short post of what Alex got for Christmas too.

Lots of Love